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High End Matchmaking and Marriage Agency in Japan

The premier Dating, Matchmaking and Marriage agency in Tokyo, Japan

For elite business men and professionals.

Ladies are also welcome

Are you an elite businessman or professional looking for a young, beauty and well-educated Japanese girl for dating, party or matchmaking services ?

There are high end matchmaking sites or marriage agencies offering dating, matchmaking service, singles parties and marriage agency services for foreigners to meet high level Japanese ladies that you may not have a chance to meet on your daily life in Tokyo.

Those high end dating or matchmaking services has selective policy for membership, which means you need to meet their membership qualification. 

Unfortunately, those high end dating or matchmaking services are only well known among Japanese elite businessmen, but not well known among foreigners up till now. Luckily enough, foreigners are eligible for those high end dating or matchmaking services if you are qualified.

Tokyo calendar date      

high end dating site in Tokyo

Tokyo calendar date for details click

Tokyo calendar date website    click

Tokyo calendar date is not for everyone. It is a dating site for upper class that accepts certain level of people whose men are rich and good appearance and women are beauty and younger age.

Below conditions may be declined for membership

-woman who is over 30 years old

-man whose annual income is less than 8,000,000 Yen

-appearance is matter for both man and woman for membership

It will take 24 hours until the decision for the acceptance of membership will be made.

Ratio of member of Men and women

Men :   46 %

Women :  54 %

More women for membership at Tokyo Calendar date


: 19~24 years old   17 %

: 25~29 years old   41 %

: 30~34 years old   27 %

: 35~39 years old   11 %


: 19~24 years old      8 %

: 25~29 years old    35 %

: 30~34 years old    28 %

: 35~39 years old    15 %

Educational background 


College degree   75%

Master degree   17%

Occupation for men

medical doctor

attorney at law

owner of company, 

govemment employee

employee of large cooperates

Annual income for men

5,000,000 ~   7,000,000 Yen     16%

7,000,000 ~ 10,000,000 Yen     34%

more than    10,000,000 Yen     48%

Mr & Miss   

high end matchmaking site 

Mr & Miss for details click

Mr & Miss website    click

Mr & Miss is high end matchmaking site who accepts only qualified men an women.The security is very tight under 24 hours and 365 days monitoring system, so you can enjoy the service with very relax and comfort.

The majority of membership at Mr & Miss are at 20' , relatively young age, in fact woman who are over 29 years old will be declined for membership.

The speciality of Mr & Miss is the seriousness among the member for matchmaking and marriage service.

After the tight admission procedure and submission of all necessary documents for admission, the member at Mr & Miss are very serious for finding

So if you look for higher level of a life partner for men or women, Mr & Miss will be good for you.