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How to success in finding a Japanese woman

How to success in finding a Japanese woman for date, girlfriend and serious relationship by online dating.

1. find the best site

2. upload good photos

3. make profile out standing

4 understand how Japanese online dating apps work

5. understand mentality of Japanese woman

6. understand main factors of choosing a man for date, girlfriend or marriage for Japanese women

Unlike a real life, it is very hard to see, understand and judge a man she communicate with by online. She has never seen and talked you before and women are very cautious at beginning. Unlike women in the western countries, the Japanese women do not have open minded for a person whom she has never met before.

So foreigners must understand this situation and be very cautious and careful at beginning.

1. find the best online dating site in Japan

Advice you the best online dating site particularly for your conditions, preferences and purpose

Finding a good Japanese dating sites or apps will be very challenging and never be easier, particular for foreigners who have no knowledge of Japanese language, different culture and life style from yours and off course Japanese girls are different from girls in your country.

But you are interested in dating with Japanese girls somehow, yet do not know how and where to start with.

With so many dating sites/apps out there in Japan, good or bad, finding something genuine dating sites and apps, and using it and enjoying it are truly challenging.

On this site, we provide all information necessary to find your best Japanese dating sites and support your activities on the any dating sites or apps in Japan. The concept is foreigner can be active and enjoy any Japanese dating sites as well as Japanese will do.

2. upload good photos

Success in your online dating heavily depends upon how you look. In other word, how your photos are good and appealing are most important to start with.

According to staistic, 90% of online dating success depends on photos that you uploaded

That is why we will take very seriously to choose your photos. Basically we choose 5~6 photos to upload

3.understand how Japanese online dating apps work

There are certain different between English and Japanese online dating app. On using this site, we provide all information necessary to teach you how the Japanese online dating apps/sites work.

4.understand Japanese culture and mentality of Japanese woman

Those who live Japan for a certain period of time, they understand a certain Japanese culture, while those who live for a short stay or never visited before, it is very hard to understand the Japanese culture.

Mentality of Japanese woman is also quite different from the Western women.

We teach both the Japanese culture and women mentality very precisely for any cases or situations that you may face on activities online dating apps or dating situation.

5. understand main factors of choosing a man for marriage partner by Japanese women


In married life, it is essential to be kind and considerate towards your partner, and to be considerate to those around you. For example, if you get married and both have jobs that you both want to pursue, work may sometimes take priority. Even in times like these, whether you can understand and support the other person's dreams and efforts from the same perspective. It is important to determine whether you can maintain this feeling for yourself and the other person. Therefore, many people cite personality as a non-negotiable condition.

annual income

In order to maintain a marriage, living expenses are necessary, so many people cite annual income as a condition. Also, if you want to have children, of course childcare and education costs will be added to your normal living expenses, so many people will seek a higher annual income. In addition, there are differences in the annual income that men and women seek from their partner, and the annual income that they seek from their partner also differs depending on their views on working together after marriage.


Many men and women break up because of differences in values. It is necessary to confirm differences in ways of thinking that are important for continuing married life, such as financial sense, career, hobbies, roles at home, and priorities.

On the other hand, appearance, age and educational background are cited as less important conditions.

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