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For 40’s, 50’s and 60’s foreign men

  For 40’s, 50’s and 60’s foreign men for marriage to a Japanese woman

For foreigners who are at 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and seek a long term relationship to a Japanese woman at matchmaking services in Japan

When you are at 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and may think of finding an ideal Japanese woman and get marriaged at this age could be difficult. It’s wrong!

I would not say it will be easy, but there are opportunities if you take a right step. This is a guide for success marriage with a Japanese woman for 40’s, 50’s and 60’s foreign men.


40’s are very complicated era where you become serious about finding your life partner while chances to meet women/men for marriage are more likely less than the younger ages.

Thus lots of 40’ feel some kind of pressure on finding a good life partner. On the other hand, you have seen and experienced in meeting many men/women in a past and knowing more about real life of marriage.

Many 40’ have a high expectation on finding a good partner by believing he is still young enough, thus will be able to find a good, young and nice-looking woman for marriage.

number of Japanese matchmaking sites at 40’s

Pairs                    2,100,000

Omiai                      693,000

Youbride                 591,000             488,000

Marrish                   446,000

Zexy                        139,000

Bridalnet                  48,000

50’s + 60’s

Aged over 50 and 60 years old does mean you are not young enough to pursue any relationship with woman, rather young enough to love someone to share your life by very meaning ways. In fact on these days many 50's and 60's men look young and active, and look for a partner to share a meaning life with someone special.

Same with Japan. More and more 50's and 60's are seeking a life time partner by joining matchmaking sites. In fact number of 50's and 60's registered member are continuously increasing at matchmaking sites for the last ten years and some matchmaking sites are specialized in mature member only.

Registered number of Japanese matchmaking sites at 50’s+60’s

                                     50’s + 60’s

Pairs                            600,000

Omiai                           250,000

Youbride                     100,000                  187,000

Marrish                          20,000

Zexy                               10,000

Bridalnet                       12,000

Our services for 40’s, 50’s, 60’s

We specialized in 40’s, 50's and 60's foreign men for their happy life with Japanese women. Probably we are the only one that offers matchmaking services for 40’s, 50's and 60's foreign men.

We promise those foreigners that we will try to find your good life time partner as much as possible by introducing best Japanese matchmaking site, register it, help you find your love one, give advice, support your activity and many more.

Pairs, The largest matchmaking site in Japan with more than 6,000,000 member in active


Men                  Women

10’s     7%        10’s      1%

20’s   59%        20’s    47%

30’s   22%        30’s    39%

40’s     7%        40’s    12%

50’s     4%        50’s      2%

60 s    1%         60’s   0.2%

1,800,000 member for 40’s

420,000 member for 50’s+60’s

(where you can find women and connect to them easily

At Pairs, there are many communities that will connect men and women easily.

You can appeal your values and hobbies where lots of men and women meet here. In fact there are many communities that connect Japanese to foreigners. Strongly advice that foreigners should use those communities to find and meet Japanese women because Japanese women there are interested in foreigners for relationship.

For example there are more than 150,000 communities for 40’s, such as “ looking for 40’s for relationship “, age gap does not matter for relationship on 40’s ” and so on.

Through communities you can find your partner based on the same values or same hobbies and can develop relationship further.


As the largest matchmaking site in Japan with more than 6,000,000 member, member at Paris exist across the nation, where foreigners can find Japanese women easily even if you do not live in big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. So if you live in country side, you still have opportunities to meet Japanese women for relationship easily.

Video Date

You can have a video date with a person whom you have matched within the system, so that you do not need to inform your telephone number

Sorry, only available for those who live in Japan

Marrish, particularly good for those who are 40’s or 50’s, divorced or single dad or mam


Men                  Women

10’s    4%         10’s    2%

20’s  25%         20’s   15%

30’s  23%         30’s   35%

40’s  29%         40’s   34%

50’s  13%         50’s   11%

60 s    6%         60’s     3%

At Marrish you can see the video profile and be able to communicate to a women within the site. the well known matchmaking site in the world


Men                 Women

10’s   0.8%      10’s   0.9%

20’s   16%       20’s   18%

30’s   29%       30’s   29%

40’s   32%       40’s   36%

50’s   18%       50’s   13%

60 s     5%       60’s     2%, the well known matchmaking site in many countries and it is also very popular matchmaking site in Japan as well. The majority of member in Japan are 30’s and 40’s or even 50’s, for example, 40’s of member are over 1,500,000 and they are all serious about finding their lifetime partner.

There are many communities including connecting Japanese to foreigners so that you can find Japanese women who are interested in foreign men as her lifetime partner. very trustful name among people in Japan who will have a business of wedding ceremony


Men                Women

10’s   0.4%     10’s  0.3%

20’s   30%      20’s   33%

30’s   40%      30’s   49%

40’s   21%      40’s   14%

50’s     7%      50’s     3%

60 s     2%      60’s  0.4%

Zexy is well know as business of wedding services in Japan and people see Zexy as very trustful company.

Youbride, unlike many other matchmaking sites, woman has to pay to become member at Youbride, which means women are very serious about finding their marriage partner.


Men                 Women

10’s    7%        10’s     6%

20’s  16%        20’s   21%

30's  23%        30’s   24%

40’s  32%        40’s   33%

50’s  18%        50’s   13%

60 s    5%        60’s     3%

At Youbride, there is a function of setting up your favorite woman for marriage. Once you set it up, it will automatically display your favorite women on your computer.

The percentage of 50’s is 18% for men and 13% for women, one of the highest ration among Japanese matchmaking sites. So even you are at 50’s, there will be many possibilities to meet women.

More than 60% of member found some relationship or marriage partner in this site.

Bridalnet, Run by one of the largest marriage agency in Japan


Men                 Women

20’s   13%        20’s  18%

30’s   50%        30’s  62%

40’s   20%        40’s  16%

50’s    7%         50’s    3%

60 s    1%         60’s  0.3%

Three ways of matchmaking

Condition matching

Matching by sites

Values matching

No. of introduction

3 person / week

3 person / week

3 person / week

Introduce by based on matching

Person to high matching rate

Person who have same values

As you saw, there are many Japanese women who will be suitable for your marriage partner even if you are at 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and there are substantially possible that you will find and meet a Japanese woman if you work hard.

Why not take an initial move to find your lifetime partner. We, as Japanese matchmaker are here to help and support your activities of seeking a long term relationship with a very nice Japanese woman.