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The dating manual for foreigner

 The dating manual with a Japanese woman

Many foreigners want to know how to get along with a Japanese woman for dating, which leads to a serious relationship for marriage. This page explains exactly on how to get along with Japanese women on dating sucesary .

First date           Get trust from her

Second date      Have a fun

Third date          Make her she likes you

Forth date          Confession

First date     How to be trusted

Clothing and grooming

Wear nice and neat clothes

Nice hairstyle, eyebrows and nose hair

No smell on body, clothing and others

The most important thing is cleanliness. This largely determines the first impression on you.

Second date        How to make her happy and enjoyable in being with you

Thoroughly having fun with you is the secret to success in dating.

Third date       Make her believe that you are a reliable and good person

Create a romantic atmosphere

It’s time to go step further and create a romantic mood

Beautiful place at night view

A little gorgeous and fashionable restaurant

Amusement part with an atmosphere where you can play at night

The key word is night

Boost your love mode with a night date. Drive to a beautiful spot with a night view, or eat at a restaurant with a nice view or a popular shop.

In a romantic atmosphere, take good care of her thoroughly and make her a "princess".

Forth date     For a successful confession

Create a special day

It is a special date to "confess" to her thinking about a serious relationship. Let's make it feel romantic and special.

Prepare a small gift