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As one of the largest member of dating and matchmaking sites in Japan, Omiai has more than 3,000,000 active member, one of the largest member of the Japanese dating site, who are looking for a date, romance or long term serious relationship.

A pioneer of Facebook Interfaced system for dating site,Omiai has very good reputation of the high ratio of successful matching among member and high level of the security system.

In fact Omiai has started in providing a service of dating only initially, however as more member look for matchmaking service by their high level of successful matching, they started in providing match service as well.

It is believed that most of the member at Omiai look for romance, dating or long term relationship very seriously.

There is a 24 hours monitoring security system for this site and the member are very comfortable with their security


more than 3,000,000 member


Security is quite tight compared to other dating sites by eliminating

any suspicious member who try to do some misbehavior onto other member.

Majority of member seriously looking for a good partner for a date, romance or marriage.

According to their statistics, for every 12 seconds one matching is set up.

Most member are at age of late 20’ to late 30’

Good for 20’ and 30’ who look for a good partner seriously

Competition for pretty girls among men is high

Security monitoring for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Membership fee for men is higher than other dating sites


create a profile

browse for matches

send likes and winks

see the initial sent message


can see likes and winks

send/receive messages freely


membership for MAN 4,800 Yen / month

membership for WOMAN FREE

                      Omiai promotional video