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Dating with a Japanese gal (a Japanese Gyaru)

Dating with a Japanese gal

Hi guys

Do you know the Japanese gals ( we call them Japanese Gyarus) and want a date with them ?

You do not know what the Japanese gals are ? Just take a look at and see the photos of Japanese Gyarus

There are mainly three methods that you can encounter the Japanese gals and ask for a date.

1. Dating apps (sites)

2. Machicon

3. On the street

Three major dating apps that you could meet gals


The largest member of Japanese dating app. Acummulated member are more than 10 millions, you will have more chances for dating with a girls .

By browsing the career section, you can find gals by selecting the career, for example, apparel shops, beauty salons where gals usually work for.

Pairs age ranges

                 men                    women

20s           59 %                   47 %

30s           22 %                   39 % 
0s            7 %                    12 %


Tapple is the second largest dating app after Pairs with more than 50% of member are from 18~25 who mainly seek romance or date , not serious relationship.

By using tags for hobby or value, you can find gals easily. For example there are 273 gals on Gals and 526 in a category of gal related 

Tapple age ranges

                men                      women

20s           59 %                         47 %

30s           22 %                         39 %

40s             7 %                         12 %


If you seek a gal with good chemistry with you, With is very good dating app. 

By using Tag for preference, you can find gals or Gals fashion

At with there are some girls that specified in their preferences such as Gal fashion, appearance looks party girls but very sincere at heart