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Finding romance or marriage partner in foreign countries

My experiences in finding a girlfriend or life partner in foreign countries.

Our goal is to connect you with a real good Japanese girl with full of the love of your life  

most of foreigner who are interested in some kind of relationship with Japanese women usually goes to international matchmaking site or marriage agency first.

I think that makes a sense because those woman who register at the international matchmaking or marriage agency are intending to dating or marriage to foreign men.

Furthermore most of them speak some level of English which will help both of them easily communicating and understanding.

However through my experiences in meeting and finding girlfriends or marriage partners in foreign countries, I could meet more wide selection of girls by faster and easier way with the local marriage or matchmaking agencies rather than the international agencies. Let me explain my experiences in the international matchmaking services.

For example, in Chile. I went to Santiago, the capital of Chile more than 30 years ago. In Santiago, I bought several local newspapers and looked for the local marriage agencies.

Agencia de matrimonio, that’s marriage agency in Spanish, it’s almost the same as in English. There were several marriage agencies listed in the local newspapers in Santiago at that time and I called them up.

Luckily some of them speak English and I could manage to tell them what I want. They understood what I wanted and told me their locations, mostly not in office, but rather their private apartment.

I explained clearly what I wanted in English and they explained very clearly what they can do for me. I paid the fee and they showed me the list of registered women. There were many beautiful Chilenas and I asked the agency for arranging a date with them.

In fact I met several very nice and beautiful Chilenas through the agencies and I was very happy with their services.

In Russia. Almost 25 years ago I flied to Moscow to visit the local marriage agencies. There were a bunch of marriage agencies in Moscow at that time and I found a very good marriage agency among them.

Two Russian women run the marriage agency and they were very friendly and supportive. They showed so many member of Russian women and I picked up several very nice women for dating.

There I met a very beautiful Russian woman for my second marriage and she was very very nice lady.

With those experiences in finding a girl friend or a marriage partner in foreign countries, I convinced myself that the local marriage agencies or the local matchmaking agencies, rather than the international marriage agencies will really works, more women listed, more wide selection of women available, more flexible services available and more success rate in finding a life partner eventually with your preferences.

Why not try the Japanese local matchmaking sites or marriage agencies in Japan if you are serious.

I believe it will work for as well.