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As the most popular and well known Japanese matchmaking and dating site, Pairs has the largest member of active man and woman looking for a date, romance or serious relationship leading to marriage. With variety of activities available on Pairs, ranging from hobbies, activities and ages, this will bring more matching and dating among member that make this site very popular.

There is a 24 hours monitoring security system for this site so that woman can use it without a fear of privacy.

the membership page enable user to find many activities on the community for your preferences

Interfaced with Facebook, user can join the site with Facebook login. However, joining and posting to this site will never be appeared on Facebook. For those without Facebook login can also join this site.

Recommendable particularly for beginner of Japanese dating site who likes to know how the Japanese dating site works.


more than 7,000,000 member


Most member looking for serious date, romance or relationship

Majority of age range for women member are at 20’

Good for 20’ and 30’

Lots of young and pretty girls joined on this site

Member fees are cheaper than others

competition among men for pretty girls is high

Security monitoring for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

high possibility of actual dating
local dating is also possible


create a profile

browse for matches

send likes and winks


can see likes and winks
send/receive messages


membership for MAN 3,480 Yen / month

membership for WOMAN FREE


Credit card

Contact us

call 080-2109-3728

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