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Dear prospective clients,

I have a lot of experiences in International marriage services as well as interracial relationship for my self with American girls, Tica ( Costarican girls), Chilena ( Chile woman ) and Russian women.

When I was young, I went to a college in Minnesota, U.S and later transfer to Louisiana. I got a American girlfriend for both in Minnesota and Louisiana. I took major in Petroleum Engineer at college in Louisiana, but could not finish the courses. I simply could not understand the terminology of courses of Petroleum Engineer.

After coming back to Japan, I worked a couple of Japanese companies and took business trip to South Korea ( more than 10 times ), U.K and U.S ( more than 10 times ) and I also get married to a Japanese woman after coming back to Japan.

After working Japanese companies , I quit a job and start doing my own business, international marriage service by setting up an office at Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. I have run an international marriage service between Western men and Japanese women, Western women and elite Japanese men and Russian woman and Japanese men for more than 17 years.

After finishing international marriage service, I start to run online matchmaking service more than 10 years. Thus I have a lot of experienced in interracial marriage service.

With those experience, I like to offer online dating services to foreigners who are interested in dating or serious relationship with a Japanese woman.

I am a very honest, easy going and fun person. No drink, no smoke and no complaint, just keep on challenging.

If you have any questions, please contact to me at