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Very trustful matchmaking services for foreign women

Specialized in matchmaking services for Foreign women

Foreign women who are interested in matchmaking services in Tokyo, but feel somewhat worrysome or uneasy for the privacy or security. I understand how you feel. 

Let me explain who I am, how I experienced in matchmaking services in Tokyo before and how I complished it.

More than 20 years ago, I started an international marriage services, Japanese women and Western men in Tokyo. I got many clients of Japanese women and Western men and it was very fun to talk with Western men and Japanese women.

I also started a matchmaking services for Western women and elite Japanese men, probably we were the only matchmaking services ever existed in Japan between Western women and elite Japanese men, in fact ever since I have never ever seen any matchmaking or marriage agencies in Tokyo that offer matchmaking services for Western women and Japanese men.

The member of the Japanese men are from big Japanese trading companies, international investing banks in Tokyo, Japanese auto makers, engineers from big famous Japanese companies, college professors or medical doctors.

The member of foreign women are from U.S, Canada, UK, France, Portugal, Russia and so on.

I talked both Japanese men and Western women many times and it was very very fun to talk with them because their intellectual level are very high and the conversation with them was very exciting and stimulous.

For example, one of the Japanese men member went to study in U.S. So I am and we have the same experiences and the common topics. He and I talked many things on how we studied, how we spent life in U.S and discuss many troublessome in life of the American.

Other, a staff of big trading company who took business trip to many countries talked the differences in culture, life, people and so on and it was very very fun and interesting to hear his unique experiences in those countries. 

Foreign women were also fun to talk. There were business women, English teacher and college professors and their level were very high.

One day a woman from U.K visited my Tokyo office. She works in Tokyo. She talked to me following interesting story. She has friends in Tokyo who are mostly from U.K and some are from other parts of European countries. One day she said to them that she would go to the international matchmaking agency(us) to meet Japanese men. 

All of her friends say “ Are you serious ?”, “ Are you OK? “, “ Why Japanese man? “ and many others. She said there are many foreign women living and working in Tokyo, but most of them do not consider to get marriged to a Japanese man because

1. Japanese men are workholic and spend most of his work for the company not for his family.

2. Japanese men are not supportive for family matter, bringing most of the domestic works to wife.

3. There are cleary difference in the culture between our country and Japan and it is very difficult to adjust.

And many others.

Let me explain successful matchmaking cases. One day I received a phone call from a woman of U.S. I explained our services briefly through the phone and she showed some interested. Later she visited our office and we started to talk many things as I studied in U.S and lived for 6 years in Minnesota and Louisiana, there are many common topics we can talk.

Initially she was very very suspicious our services, but after visiting our office several times and talked to me, she start to feel trustful and confidential and I am a serious man for this business.

I introduced a couple of Japanese men for dating. Unfortunately the date was not successful, but she feels that our matchmaking services are serious, trustful, confidential and secure.

Later she introduced her friend to me. She is from Canada and was working as English teacher at the Tohoku area. After visiting our office a couple of times with this American friend, she starts to visit my office alone.

One day I introduced her a Japanese college professor who works in Tokyo. It seemed that the chemistry between them really works and later she informed me that she would get marriaged to this college professor.  

She sent me a thankful mail to me on introducing her this nice man and later she sent a photo album of her wedding. She looks very beautiful and very happy. I am very happy on her marriage too.

Another success story.

One day a Russian girl has visited my Tokyo office and became a member. She works for a small travel agent in Tokyo which specialized in Russian tours for Japanese.

She is around mid 20’ and speaks fluently in Japanese. On matchmaking I introduced several Japanese men and among them she likes a dentist who practices the clinic in Tokyo.

Frankly speaking the dentist she likes is very nice man. He is very open-minded, enjoyable and loves a lot of jokes. In fact every time he visited my office, he and I had a very nice time to talk on many things.

Luckily this Russian girl and the dentist had good chemistry and their relationship got deeper. One day the dentist told me he would get married to this Russian girl.

I was very glad to hear this happy news because they, the dentist and the Russian girl are very nice person and I hoped their marriage would be happier.

Well normally I do not know what will happen on their marriage life after their marriage because our work has been done by their marriage. But a couple year later a friend of this Russian girl visited my office and became our member. It seems that this married Russian girl recommended us for her.

This friend and a married Russian girl come from the same city in Russia and they know each other so long, by attending the same school and same college. This friend told me many many interesting stories about her marriage life in Japan, which is very emotional and very impressed.

After her marriage to the Japanese dentist, she started to learn Japanese language. By studying so much hard in Japanese language, she finally passed Japanese Language Proficient Test (JLPT) level 1. Frankly speaking it is not easy, well it’s rather very difficult to pass level 1 of JLPT for any foreigners. But she did it.

By observing her eagerness of studying, her husband, dentist, encourages her pursuing higher education to master degree. She was accepted a Japanese college with master course and studied very very hard at the college while taking a part time job in Tokyo. After completing master course, she now works for a Japanese company in Tokyo.

Her friend could not believe in her at all, she got master degree? because when she was in Russian college, she did not study much, always fooling around and not interested in studying at all, but now she got master degree in Japan. 

What happened? Probably by getting married to this Japanese man, or by being influenced by her dentist husband, she has been changed.

This happily married Russian woman told her friend saying “ I do not know other people, but I was very lucky and very happy with matchmaking services I received and will never forget what he has done to me."

When I heard her comment, I was also very very happy because at least one lady of life has been totally changed by my matchmaking service bringing her very happy marriage life.

Well foreign ladies, I will not promise you that you will find a nice Japanese man to marriage easily, because it always get involved in timing, chemistry or other factors but I can promise you that I will try to the best to find your nice Japanese man for happy marriage life.

So if you are interested in finding a Japanese guy for serious relationship, please let me know. I am always available here. If you prefer, we could skype talking before becoming a member.