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best matchmaking sites for 30's in Japan


best Japanese matchmaking sites for 30's 


In general men and women usually like to find a life partner by 30s.

Thus most 30s men and women are very serious about finding their marriage partner by any means.

Japan is no exception on finding a life partner by 30s and most of them use matchmaking app/site or marriage agency.

We research lots of Japanese dating and matchmaking sites for foreigners who are looking for a serious relationship with a Japanese woman or men for marriage.

Here we list up the best matchmaking sites for 30s foreigners.

Best matchmaking apps/sites that are good for committed relationship for 30s foreigner.


Most member are 20s-30s and Zexy provides very helpful support for member.

Most member are the late 20s and overall 30s, thus lots of opportunities to meet their marriage partner for 30s foreigner.


Lots of member are early 30s to late 30 who seek marriage partner, so very easy to find a lifetime partner.


If you are looking for a marriage partner in Japan, particularly for a single mom or a single dad, this is a must.


Good for foreigners who seek younger woman for their lifetime partner.


The largest Japanese matching site that has more than 3 millions member and has communities for foreigners to meet Japanese women easily