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Japanese dating, marriage services and our services for foreigner

 Japan dating, matchmaking 

& marriage services for foreigners

Are you interested in taking a serious relationship with a Japanese girl or man leading to marriage? As the Japanese government opened up the immigration regulation, more and more foreigners come to Japan to work or to live, which is very good for a country of the rising sun.

As more and more foreigners live in Japan, there will be more opportunities for foreigners to meet Japanese and off course a new romance will

Here what we try to do is to help a Japanese woman or man to a foreign man or woman match leading to marriage. I have more than 17 years experiences in international marriage service in Tokyo, servicing foreign men, mainly Western men to Japanese women, Western women to Japanese men and Russian women to Japanese men.

Educated and lived in US for 6 years in Minnesota and Louisiana, taking many business trips to across US, lived in San Jose, Costa Rica for 6 months and visiting many other countries, I am a very open minded person and love to serve very friendly services to foreigners who are interested in

seeking a long term serious relationship to a Japanese woman or man.

As far as the ways to get married to a Japanese woman or man, there are mainly 3 approaches to start with.

Please keep in mind that Japanese do not take dating site as a way to meet a partner for life or seek relationship. Rather people in Japan see dating site as look for fun or meet a new friend.

So if you seek a long term relationship with a Japanese or look for a real nice person, take matchmaking or marriage service.