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Why our services are most successful for matchmaking ?


Why our services are most successful and more chances to get married !

What are the important factors that you will find your ideal life partner that will be successful leading to get married with fast and satisfactory?

1. more member for men and women to meet

2. more different types of person to meet

3. more different types of occasion to meet

4. more professional service for your successful matchmaking

The answer would be simple. Enough member to choose from to meet your specific preferences and conditions for your ideal partner.

Everybody has certain preferences and conditions for choosing love one. I do have, off course, some preferences for looking for a woman.

Looks, personality, chemistry, how to spend money, how to live together, how comfortable you feel with her/him and many other factors would be considered.

At Tokyopassion, we can offer more member than no other sites can do

Here are member that you could find from matchmaking agencies, singles party and marriage agencies.

number of member

Matchmaking sites

Eveeve                      more than 800,000

Mr& Mrs                     4,000    selective

Omiai                          approximately 2,000,000

Pairs                           approximately 3,500,000

Tokyocalendar           more than 10,000 selective

With                            more than 700,000

Youbride                    more than 440,000

ZexyEnbusubi            approximately 450,000

Crossme                     more than 450,000

Singles party


More than 600,000 party attendants per year


More than 500,000 party attendants in 2018


More than 350,000 party attendants per year


More than 1,500,000 party attendants per year


More than 250,000 party attendants per year

White key

More than 400,000 party attendants per year

Marriage agency

Club marriage                     More than 59,000

Excellence Aoyama         More than 65,000

Happy Comecome              More than 59,000

Kansai Bridal                      More than 79,000

Mu connect               not disclosed

Nozze                                   not disclosed

Omiai Club                           More than 15,000

Otacon                                More than 20,000

Sun Marie                            More than 60,000

Zwei                                     More than 30,000

As you can see, there are many many Japanese girls/guys you can meet through our services and as a result a chance for getting married to a Japanese girl/guy will be surely enhanced.

Why don’t you take an initial action for your dream. Nothing will be happened if you take no action. I am willing to talk and give you advises on your activities for looking for your love one.

To be honest, it is not so easy as you can imagine. I have experienced in matchmaking services more than 17 years and I know it