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Matchmaking services in Japan


Japanese Matchmaking Services

On our service, it is basic to seek out the most reliable

Japanese matchmaking agency to offer so that foreign clients

can find their best Japanese lifetime partner. In short, foreign

clients are looking for the right person to share the rest of their

life happily.

However, there are a lot of matchmaking agencies in Japan,

which will cause most foreigner puzzled if they can choose the

right matchmaking agency to work with. Here at Tokyopassion,

Japanese matchmaker, we reviewed so many matchmaking

sites, matchmaking agencies and marriage agencies in Japan

and list up the most liable and trusted sites and agencies in


It is our goal to support and help foreign customers to find

reliable matchmaking sites or agencies so that they can find

the right one with the time and money they invest. We fully

understand how high your needs and expectations on finding a

Japanese life time partner are.

We can assure you that these matchmaking sites and

matchmaking agencies in Japan can provide high quality

services to the clients and comply with the code of conduct.

Your privacy is top priority

All of the information we receive from the clients should be

used solely for delivering matchmaking services, and should

not be used for any other purposes under any circumstances.

This is our conducts that should be observed as a matchmaker

in Japan.

Why should foreigners use Japanese

matching sites or matchmaking agencies ?

There are many Japanese member who seek serious

relationship or committed relationship in the sites or agencies,

which could save time and money for those foreigners who

are looking for Japanese lifetime partner.

As there are so many Japanese member, foreign clients can

find the right one based on their favorite conditions such as

lifestyle, personality, education, appearance and so on.

Marriage agency ( online and offline ), particularly, does all

work for you including introducing Japanese men or women

every month, so that you do not have to anything. Marriage

agencies are particularly good for shy people who do not want

to ask for a first date initially.