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Imagine you meet a beautiful, intelligence, generous, stylish Japanese woman. You may wish to ultimate relationship leading to marriage to this special lady.

But how to find a this kind of Japanese woman? On the websites, in the bars, on the agents or anywhere else ? Here in Japan there are truly many beautiful women who look for a lifetime partner seriously.

And according the survey, an almost half of Japanese women may get married to a foreign man if she can find a good one.

Let us help to find your best match and best lifetime partner through our matchmaking services.

Why Tokyopassion ?

1. many member

Pairs, the most popular matching site, has more than 3,500,000 member, for example. As many member, your chance to find a woman will be dramatically increased, and to find your favorite special woman will also be increased accordingly.

The true is that number of member is really matter for finding your lifetime partner.

There is also the foreign community for Japanese and foreigner who are interested in finding a girlfriend or international marriage with so many activities. With this community, it is easy to find a Japanese girlfriend or a marriage intended Japanese woman. Off course you can approach or find a Japanese woman out of this foreign community.

There are millions of Japanese women who really seek serious long term relationship with men.

See below link for more details in number of the member.

2. Online marriage agency

For those who are too busy to visit the agency office or who live outside of Japan, the online marriage agencies are very convenient to find a Japanese man or woman for marriage in a short term with a reasonable costs. The agent introduce a certain number of Japanese men or women, usually 3~5 member each month and if you like her or him, you can start online dating with her or him wherever you live. Off course you can browse the Japanese member online by yourself.

3. diversity

a variety of backgrounds, personalities, educations, lifestyles, ages, locations and many others for men or women. As so many member registered at the sites, you has so many men or women to choose from at the sites.

4. reasonable costs

Our fee is very reasonable to be active on member for finding Japanese men or woman. You do not need to pay thousands of dollars.

For further details on the cost, click a below link.

5. trustful services

Companies who run those matching apps/sites and online marriage agencies are run by large scale, well known and good reputed Japanese companies. They monitor 24 a day, 365 days a year on security and the member must submit their ID paper.

6. privacy

Your full name, address, phone number and email address will

never be shared by third parties.

7. good results ( happy marriage )

There are many happy married couple on those matching apps/sites, matching parties and marriage agencies every month.

See some of happy couple




8. the premium matching services are available

High status men and young, beautiful women for the premium matching sites and agencies are available. The executives or high income men may wish to meet and marriage to a beautiful Japanese lady. There are premium sites and agencies for those high status men to find the sophisticated Japanese woman for marriage.

9. many resources

We introduce Japanese matching apps/sites, Japanese matching parties and Japanese marriage agencies. With those services, your chance to meet and find your lifetime partner will be truly enhanced.

Our policy for matchmaking services 

Once you become a member for any matching sites or marriage agencies, we fully support your activities during your membership.

For example, the Japanese sentence is sometimes very complicated. On the surface it can read she declines, but when it can read very carefully, she actually does not decline, but rather want some other way. Because Japanese women typically would not say directly.

I think only native Japanese speaker could understand this Japanese women complexity.

Or you may need a little help on finding your ideal partner, how to ask for a date, how to understand her real mind on me, and many others.

We do care for all of those member activities and will be willing to help and support for member if you need any help.

How to become a member

For more details, see below link.

easy to register and easy to become a member

What we offer

First before becoming a member, we will have video chat and I will understand who you are, why you want a Japanese woman as your lifetime soulmate, what type of woman you are looking for and I will also explain our services and what we can do for you to find your love one and others.

Once you are satisfactory with our services, you will become a member by paying a fee and submit a copy of your ID.

After becoming a member, I will help you find the perfect match

  • find your preference Japanese women

  • advise your activities and dating

  • answer questions on communication and dating with woman

  • advise on relationship with woman

  • Online Dating Services

  • fashion advice ( the first appearance is very important ) 

Happy married couple 







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We as a matchmaker in Japan serves for matchmaking between foreigner and Japanese for last long relationship.