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how it works

How it works for foreigner  

This is how we work on your activities in seeking a Japanese woman to get married.

1. Please fill out application form

2  We like to have a small talk with you by Skype once we receive your application. (Please send a copy of your passport before Skype talk


2. Once you feel secure and satisfactory with our services by Skype talk, send us your ID ( Passport) to our email  address,

3. By checking your application form, we will find the best online matchmaking sites for you. ( usually 2~3 sites )

4. You decide which matchmaking sites you like to register

5. You pay us the registration fee 

6. We create your profile in Japanese for your requested dating app.

We will inform login ID and password for each site, so that you can login and see your registration on the matchmaking site. ( in Japanese ). We will guide you on how to use the app

7. I will teach you how you find Japanese women profiles for the site and I will also try to find your favorite Japanese women from the site.

8. If you find Japanese woman in the profile whom you like to contact, then you pay us the monthly member fee. 

9. We translate your message to Japanese women in Japanese and send it to her and also translate Japanese women’s message to you in English.

Any advice are included.

In Japan there are many blogs that person seeking marriage partner creates her/his blog so that many people will see the blog. If you want, we can create your blog in Japanese.

Hopefully you will understand how it works. If you have any questions, please let me know.