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Matchmaking apps for foreigners in Japan

 Japanese dating/matchmaking apps and sites for foreigners

Dear clients,

You are surely interested in finding a Japanese woman for serious relationship, romance or dating.

There are many ways you could pursue finding a girl, picking up her on the road, finding her at bar or through dating apps.

With a limited time, money and language barrier you face during in Japan, the most efficient and wider range of diversity of woman is dating apps which you could browse and find thousand of girls simultaneously.

The best of all there are several dating apps that foreigners have registered some Japanese dating apps that Japanese girls are also interested in meeting foreigner for various reasons including seeking for serious relationship, romance, friend or dating.

So if you are interested in Japanese girls for romance, serious relationship or just dating, go to the Japanese dating apps where Japanese girls are looking for foreigner for the same reasons.

How to find girls? Well most of those dating site has a functions of community, where you can browse and find girls through those communities, such as wine lover, gourmet restaurant, manga, otaku, fashion, sports and many other consisting of more than 1000 communities.

Here are the best dating apps for foreigners that could bring you dating with Japanese woman for romance, dating or serious relationship

Serious relationship

For those who seek long term serious relationship leading to marriage, here are the best apps for foreigners who look for marriage to a Japanese girl.
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Matchmaking apps/sites that Japanese girls/guys are interested in meeting with foreigners

Finding Japanese girls/guys who are interested in engaging in foreigners for serious relationship from matchmaking apps/sites.

Here are number of foreigner’s registration number on the Japanese matchmaking apps.

Pairs                    18,200           3,700

Tapple                  2,500

Zexy                     1,900

Cross me             1,000

Pairs has the largest foreign member with 18,200 which is quite impressed. Some Japanese men and women come to register Pairs and others because of the foreign member.

In other word, those Japanese men and women come to Pairs and other apps in order to meet foreigners hoping for romance or serious relationship.

many functions to find Japanese girls/guys who are interested in foreigners

search by foreign communities     search by the birth place

How they meet by international marriage

How they find their partner by international marriage

Online dating apps       38 %

at bar or restaurants      27 %

by friend introduction   20 %

at working place           11 %

As you can see, dating apps are the most possible method that you can find your partner by any means.


No1 choice for foreigners in Japan

The largest matchmaking app in Japan with accumulated number of member are over ten million with 18,200 of foreign membership

age range early 20’ to late 30

membership fee per month ; 4300 Yen or 43 dollars

women are totally free

More than 100,000 communities to meet men or women including over 100 communities for foreigners

some communities for foreigners

Fortune tell
Love marriage
Beauty Health

It’s well known matching app among foreigners and no reason to explain what this dating is all about. In Japan the majority of member are 30’ and 40’ at and if you looking for younger 20’ , then I would suggest to move to another dating app

Zexy Enmusubi

Run by Recruit company, which is a large recruiting company in Japan, Zexy is well known and well reputed matchmaking agent that serves serious long term relationship leading to marriage.