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Zexy Enmusubi

Zexy Enmusubi 

If you are very serious about finding a Japanese girl for marriage, Well, Zexy Enmusubi is one of your best app in Japan for matchmaking, particularly for the beginner of Japanese matchmaking service.

They even provide a service for setting a date and arrange for the dating spot if you become a member.

The service includes in browsing profiles, introducing 4 matches every month.

The majority of member are the late 20’to the early 30’who seek serious relationship leading to marriage.

The features of Zexy Enmusubi

1. The most of member are to look for serious relationship to marriage, particularly from the late 20’to the early 30’with full of searching functions for finding a marriage partner. In fact more than 90% of member are 25 ~ 35 years old who seek a marriage partner.

2. very reasonable price setting.

No optional cost needed rather than the fixed monthly cost, the member can freely use the services without fearing additional costs.

The member can even enjoy in using match con

3. Run by Zexy, the well known wedding ceremony company, the security is very tight with 24 hours monitoring system and the privacy is well protected.

Probably the best service that Zexy Enmusubi offers to the member is to introduce 4 best match every day based on your preferences and

This service is very appealing particularly to shy people or busy business persons who are not aggressive enough to look for partners or have not enough time to browse matching profiles.

If both side agree to meet for dating, staff called consherigh will arrange for dating and also restaurant to meet

What Zexy Koimusubi promise is

1. try to eliminate scammers

2. 24 hours and 365 days monitoring service

3. try to protect user’s privacy

4. never disclose your activities at Facebook

5. real name of member will never be disclosed

6. need ID to verify membership

the current member 400,000

20~29 %

men women

36% 40%

30~39 23 %

men women

38% 46%

40~49 29 %

men women

20% 12%

What Zexy Koimusubi can do for free is

1. browsing profiles

2. can send “ like “

3. can send a message ( only once )

member fee

4298 Yen for 1 month

11614 Yen for 3 months

21384 Yen for 6 months

31104 Yen for 12 months


Most of member are looking for serious relationship

Majority of member are from 2040’and more serious

good for 30~40’

more than 2700 couple get married through Zexy Koimusubi last year