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Zexy Koimusubi

Zexy Koimusubi

Are you looking for a Japanese girl as a girlfriend first who are at 20’? If so, this is what you are looking for.

The major age range of girls who register this Zexy Koimusubi will be from 18~25 years old who look for not serious relationship, but rather casual dating or looking for girlfriend/boyfriend.

So if you need a Japanese girl friend first, Zexy Koimusubi is well advised of one of the matching apps in Japan. There will be less flirti ng or hookup dating, but rather serious girlfriend/boyfriend finding.

Zexy Koimusubi is run by a well known Japanese wedding company who are spacial for wedding ceremony and marriage services, so you may not need to

You can register Zexy Koimusubi through either Facebook or telephone number.

What Zexy Koimusubi promise is

1. try to eliminate scammers
2. 24 hours and 365 days monitoring service
3. try to protect user’s privacy
4. never disclose your activities at Facebook
5. real name of member will never be disclosed
6. need ID to verify membership

number of the current member

men 313,726
women 157,765

Under 25
men women
75,500 32,700

25^29 25 %
men women
48,800 39,400

30^34 23 %
men women
33,700 20,000

35^39 29 %
men women
18,900 8,000

What Zexy Koimusubi can do for free is

1. browsing profiles
2. can send “ like “
3. can send a message ( only once )

member fee

3900 Yen for 1 month
9900 Yen for 3 months
18800 Yen for 6 months
29800 Yen for 12 months