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Tokyo Calendar Date

Tokyo Calendar Dating

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Tokare ( Tokyo calendar date ) is very selective online dating site that accept only selective men and women only for membership. For men, you must be rich or get high paid annual income. 

For women, your appearance does matter.

For men qualification for membership

High income over 10,000,000 Yen or more for annual income

Nice appearance

If you are at '20 with nice looking and 5,000,000~7,500,000 Yen for income, then you will be qualified for membership.

But you are over '30, the minimum income must be 10,000,000 Yen or over.

For women qualification for membership


For men you want to have a date with very beautiful lady while for women you to have a date with rich man. That's what this dating all about.

This is not a dating site that will lead to serious, long term relationship to marriage for future, this is just a dating site for fun and

more than 92% of men member hold bachelor or master degree

What good for Tokare

very secure for high selective admission polity

only selective men and women are chosen

rich men and beautiful women only

by submiting a statement of annual income, no

What not good for Tokare

membership fee is quite high compared to other dating sites

there are a tendency of fixed membership, rich men and beautiful women

Membership of men's career

company owner

medical doctor

attorney at law


business person working for big trading companies

membership of women's career

college student



airline attendant