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Tapple is the 2nd largest member registered, 6,000,000 member, after Pairs, the largest number registered in Japan. Pairs is more likely for seeking romance or serious relationship, while Tapple is more casual just like for dating or seeking a girlfriend or boyfriend on the other hand.

So if you look for a date or just having a good time with a girl/guy, this is a good choose.

Number of member

6,000,000 in accumulated up to now

age range

                     Men         Women

18~19s         10 %        22 %

20~24s         48 %        51 %

25~29s         25 %        20 %

30~34s         13 %          5 %

It is said that quite number of pretty (kawaii) girls and nice looking guys are registered on this app.


This dating app is particularly good for those who like to meet many girls/boys with a dating app.

Even registering this app, you will receive to mark 160 Good on the girls/guys profile, plus by login you will receive to mark 20 Good every days.

Thus you will have a lots of chances to ask for a date and meet girls/guys.

Online dating is available

Online dating is possible for those who has already found a partner. It’s up to 15 minutes

The dating system

On the member page, the continuous profiles will be shown up on your screen and all you have to do is to click GOOD or NOT SO GOOD on the profile.

On Tapple there are functions of promoting dating by users, thus women can create dating plan and promote it , while man apply and dating is setup

 “Odekake”  means  “ going out for date” function

This Odekake works this way. Women create a dating plan and if man like it , he will ask it for her. She choose a man from the candidates.

With “Odekake” function, the instant dating is possible.

good points

you have a big possibility of approaching girls by using “chance time # you will be able to send “ good “ to 30 girls in 30 minutes.

bad points

there will be less response from girls

There will be no show up on the date.

On Tapple, connected are so easy, thus some girls do not show up on the date.

Find girls with the same hobbies or preferences

How to avoid scammer ‘gyosha ‘ from tapple

1. photos for very beautiful girls and men .

2. try you to move other sites

How to find a date

browse hobbies tag, which contains hundred tags in the hobby and you click the tag which you are interested in and find girls and ask for a date.

online dating function

can use online dating in 15 minutes for every dating

no limit for number of online dating and online number o f

can skip camera if you want

use of super good

if you find a really good girl or guy and do not want to loose a chance of matching, you can send “ super good “ to him or her, rather than regular “ good”, this will tell him or her that you are really interested in you.

New function “ Wish card

More natural way to meet a girl/guy

add your favorite card at click, and send it to her or him for invitation for date.

If she or he like the invitation, it starts for sending her message

This will bring more natural dating

Tapple video

24 hours security check

Some dating apps are available only in big cites like Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, however with more than 6,000,000 member in accumulated so far, the second largest dating app in Japan, you can meet a girl/guy at even small cities.