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How to create an attractive profile for Japanese matchmaking apps

How to create an attractive profile for matchmaking sites

How to create and write a good profile with proper photos for uploading for the dating apps/sites ?

For any dating apps or sites, the contents of the profile are actually everything for your success in dating.

No matter how you are nice looking guys or girls, if the contents of your profile and uploaded photos are not good enough, your chances to meet girls or guys will be actually Zero, nothing.

Also Japanese girls are particularly somewhat cautious on the first meeting to meet an unknown person, if you create poor profile and improper photos uploaded to the app/site, your chance to meet girls are very slim or actually impossible.

Here we give you some tips on how to create the attractive and appealing profile that will attract many users on you.

Are you a first time user for the Japanese dating or matchmaking app ror site ? Or do you have hard time to find and have a date with a Japanese girl? If so, not, no able to have a date wit a Japanese girl, there is a possibility of your profile and photos are not good enough to attract Japanese girls.

In general Japanese woman are very sensitive and somewhat very cautious on the content of the profile, Thus by improving your photos and profile will surely give opportunities to meet Japanese girls in real.

How to make an attractive profile that girl show interesting in you

33% of women do care about uploaded photos for determining men for dating apps/sites in Japan

Photo at least 5 photos

1. main photo smiling photo

2nd photos show total of your figure

3~5 with your pets, in sports, with hobbies or some activities

Good photo

Bad photo 


Fill out all questionnaires on the profile. it’s a must.

if you don’t, girls may think there are something you want to hide on yourself, which could bring some suspicious on you.

Make a profile simple, clear, easy to read by anybody.


The style of introduction section

Be normal style of introduction, not just strange or abnormal style.

On the introduction section, below info must be included

your career, school, hobby,   personality

what you do on holiday

do not make long sentence on your introduction, maybe within 200 letters, if it is too long

girl will be tired of reading it

Practical sample

Focus on your ideal partner by clearing your target.

For example, which sentence will bring more attention to you ?

Sample A

I have a lot of free time for my life and hope to meet a woman whoever interested in me

Sample B

love wine, particularly Burgundy, best match with Cheese

A new wine bar will be opened in front of JR Shinjuku station in next week, looking for a wine lover to enjoy this nice wine bar

Which sentence will more attention and interest on you ? Off course later one. Why ?

The second one focus the target, wine lover.

If woman like wine, she will surely show interest in his profile.


long and many topics sentence make reader bored and tired, so just make sentence simple and clear

Some tips

Do not blow your own trumpet too much

specify your appealing points

Do not describe negative story about you

Do not tell a lie about yourself

You may find a girl by telling a lie her, but sooner later she will find it out

positive thinking




good manner

Well, guys these are some tips for profile and photo for Japanese dating apps/site to create

But actually it is very difficult because of language barrier

Some guys write the profile in English, but if you write the profile in English, your chance of meeting Japanese girls are very slim.

Also Japanese language are very complicated. Most educated person often use Keigo for verbal or writing.

What is Keigo ? Visit below link for further info.

For example, Americans are often saying for a casual relationship

Hey what’ up ?

Japanese usually will not use this kind of casualty for the unknowing or the first time encounter

So my suggestion.

Ask us. Ask professional.

We advise photos to upload and we also advise on how to write an attractive sentences on the profile thus girls will show interesting in you.

Remember why you have no chances of meeting Japanese girls, why no girls will show interesting in you will come from your photo and profile uploaded in to the profile.

So if you upgrade your photos and profile, then there will be much chance to meet Japanese girls.