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Pairs Engage


Pairs Engage

A first online marriage agency in Japan

This newly type of marriage service, which is run by EUREKA, a family company of Pairs and and also no need to visit an office to become a member, Paris Engage is very trustful and well reputed Japanese online marriage agency.

All works and services are done by online, which is particularly beneficial for foreigners who live outside of Japan.

Once you become a member, they introduce 10 partners on each month, and also you could ask for 10 matchmaking on every month when you browse the profiles and want to have a date.

Ration of member

Men   Women

60%   40%

Age range

         Men   Women

20s   25 %  25 %

30s   50 %  65 %

40s   25 %  10 %


1. entrance fee for membership 12,000 Yen (about $110)

2. Monthly membership fee 12,000 Yen (about $110)

Normally the cost of marriage agency is quite expensive, compare to any online dating apps or sites. Pairs Engage on the other hand, the fee for membership is very reasonable.

How Pairs Engage is differ from the ordinary marriage agency?

1. very reasonable cost

2Paris Engage is very trustful and well reputed Japanese online marriage agency by providing good marriage services to many clients. 2. 24 hours 365 days online co
3. 10 new member introduction each month and 10 member

browsed and ask for a date with them

Necessary documents and age limitation

1. Single certificate

2. copy of passport


college graduate certificate

tax withholding slip


20~45 years only

How to become a member

1. Apply for membership through Pairs Engage app

2. submit 

A. Single certificate 

B. copy of passport 

C. pay the entrance fee and Monthly membership fee

How it works

1. 10 candidates will be introduced to you per month

2. If you like a woman among them, just send ‘Good’ to her

3. If she also likes you, she sends you ‘Good’ back

4. Matching has been established and dating schedule will be setup

5.First dating ( there are two types of dating, offline dating and online dating, you can choose )

6. You could choose the first dating is OK or Not OK The result of dating will be informed to both side

7. Then you start to continue in dating with her.

Online concierge support for 24 hours 365 days

When you are in relationship, there will be many problems or questions occurs. Pairs Engage concierge will support you for 24 hours 365 days