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A new concept of " meeting accidentally by passing by " for meeting an ideal man or woman, Crossme provides a new opportunities to meet a girl next door with a function of GPS on the apps.

The most adorable feature of this app is that you can find and meet your favorable partner who lives close to you, your town, your neighborhood or your city. This will eliminate enormous mail exchanges before meeting, making the dating more easier and smoother for meeting new people.

So Those who prefer to meet quick and nearby Japanese girls or men than spending hours of spending exchanging messages, Cross me is quick and easy app to find and meet new Japanese partner.

With a concept of "passing by" for meeting new people, Cross me makes it possible to meet girl next door by using a function of GPS on the app.

The greatest feature of this app is that you can meet someone who lives close to you, your neighborhood or your town.

So those who like to meet with quick, rather than spending a lot of time by exchanging enormous messages before meeting Cross me is very easy and fun dating app to use.

With this particular function on this app, lots of young gals or guys use it for a quick date, get a new friend or spend fun time.

So this app is not for finding long term relationship or a partner for marriage, it’s rather finding a new friend for new dating.

There is a 24 hours monitoring security system for this site so that woman can use it without a fear of privacy.


Most member looking for a casual date rather than serious 


Majority of age range for women member are at 20’

Good for fun time and meeting a new friend

ID needed to submit before becoming a full membership

Security monitoring for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


create a profile

browse for matches

send likes and winks


can see likes and winks

send/receive messages

Fee for membership for MAN

1 month membership 3,800 Yen / month

3 months membership 3,267 Yen / month

6 months membership 3,133 Yen / month

12 months membership 2,900 Yen / month

Free for Woman

How to register Crossme

Contact us

call 080-2109-3728