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As a new comer of the dating site marketin Japan, With has rapidly grown the number of membership with the 3rd in the market, making With one of very popular dating site in Japan, particularly for young gals who love a combination of love and phycology.

Supervised by one of popular Mentalist among young generation, With is very popular dating site particularly for young gals bringing more men as a result.

Using a method of phycology and stastitic data, With brings the best match for by using your age, birth location, current location and community

Frankly it’s take lots of time and energy to find your best match, however the matching system of With help you to find it.

There is a 24 hours monitoring security system for this site so that woman can use it without a fear of privacy.

Interfaced with Facebook, user can join the site with Facebook login. However, joining and posting to this site will never be appeared on Facebook. For those without Facebook login can also join this site.


more than 900,000 member


Young member, late 10’ and early 20’ looking for a casual date or

romance while more serious date, romance or relationship for 30’

Majority of age range from late 10’ to 30’

Good for 20’ and 30’

Very easy to use and browse other member

Young people who love and believe in pshycology and stastitic data on matching

Security monitoring for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


create a profile

browse for matches

send likes and winks


can see likes and winks

send/receive messages


membership for MAN 3,900 Yen / month

membership for WOMAN FREE


                      With promotional video