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New services at Tokyopassion

New services and new functions on Japanese matchmaking services at Tokyopassion

Chances to find and meet your ideal life partner are ultimate with at Tokyopassion.

Here are main reasons,

1.More women in member

2.More diversified Japanese women

3.Easier to find your ideal partner

4.More secure for your privacy than ever

5.Less costs on meeting Japanese woman for marriage or date

6.We provide you translation services from English to Japanese.

7.Full services

More women in member

matchmaking sites

Pairs          20,000,000

Tapple       15,000,000

Omiai          7,000,000

Eveeve         2,000,000

With            7,000,000

Youbride     2,200,000

Marrish      1,000,000

Zexy            1,500,000

Marriage agency

Nacode          120,000

Zwei                97,000

IBJ member   80,000

San Marie      80,000

Smarriage      55,000

Nozze             60,000

Onet               45,000

PA                   73,000

Zexy               32,000

Millions of Japanese men and women register above matchmaking sites and marriage agencies.

Thus your chance to meet your ideal life partner will be higher than ever with those number of Japanese women. ]

Not portunities for you to find a Japanese woman who will be your ideal partner in life.

More diversified Japanese women

You can find Japanese women based on her age, location, career, education, personality, hobby and others.

So there will be more opportunities for you to find a Japanese woman who will be your ideal partner in life.

Easier to find your ideal partner

As there are a million of registered member at the Japanese matchmaker sites, it will be much easier to find a Japanese woman at your ideal conditions.

More secure for your privacy than ever

Some people do not like to disclose his/her personal information to the third party. In fact they hesitate to give their personal information to a person or organization whom you have never met before.

On Tokyopassion, you do not disclose your personal information to us at all. You visit and see the sites in English by installing Google Translate on your computer or smart phone. 

Then you can see those sites in English and also will be able to sign up by yourself. Thus you do not need to disclose your personal information to anybody, which will give you more security on your activities in the site.

Less costs on meeting Japanese woman for marriage or date

All you have to do to become a member is to pay a membership fee for the Japanese matchmaker sites.

Pairs          ¥ 4,100/month  around $31.5/m

bridalnet   ¥ 3,980

Omiai        ¥ 4,800

Tapple       ¥ 3,700

With          ¥ 3,600

Marrish    ¥3,400

Zexy          ¥4,378

We provide you translation services from English to Japanese for creating your profile and advice on photos.

The most important factors on matchmaking will be the contents of your profile and uploaded photos.

Those two factors will tell everything on you to others. That is why it is very very important to have good sentences and good photos on the profile.

Google translate works well on translating mechanical or scientific sentences, however, it shows very poor translation on human being feeling or mind. I have used often Google Translate and know how bad on translating human being feeling.

In fact it is very complicated to read human being feeling. Thus I strongly recommend to use manual translation method rather than computer as far as sentences on human being feeling.

Others, there are some expressions or manners that Japanese women like and hate, so you should be careful on writing your profile in Japanese.

How to write a good impressed profile to Japanese women

Here are some tips  

write Japanese sentence that you are sincere and serious

include your good personality in the profile

try to provide as many information as possible about who you are in the profile (300 ~ 400 words)

do not include any negative topics on the profile

Japanese are normally formal person, so do not try to be friendly at the beginning. Be formal and polite at first.

Topics you should include in the profile

what kind of job you take now

what a reason why you register the site

how to spend weekend

what you like to do now

what is your ideal partner

What is your hobby

These are basic and you should appeal more on yourself. Count on us, we are the expert of how to write an attractive and appealing sentences in the profile. I am sure you will appeal more to Japanese women and more chances and more dating with Japanese woman with our professional writing skills in Japanese.


When you look at the profile at member page, what do you see at first. Off course photos, photos uploaded on the profile. That is why it is very important to display good photos at the profile.

There are some types of photos that you should not upload on the profile, particularly at the Japanese matchmaking sites. You will have no chance to meeting Japanese woman whatever if you upload some type of photos at the profile.

So be careful when you upload the photos.

We will also give you advice in photos to upload the profile.

Our services

$200 everything is included.

Pairs membership fee is not included

If you like a continuous services, we provide advise, search women and others with $150/month

How it works

1. visit and view the Japanese women at Pairs. Upload Google translate and see the member page of Pairs, you can see it in English

2. If you find women whom you are interested in and want to contact to them, you can become a member at Pairs by paying our services

3. We create your profile with very professionl manner so that many women will show interested in you.

4. Your account at Pairs has been created and you can browse member pages of Pairs and can find a women you like.

5. We will search women with your conditions at member page at Pairs.

6. We will create an account at twitter in Japanese with no real name, but nickname. In Japanese twitter there are so manu messages shown that Japanese women are interested in foreign man for serious relationship.