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Email coaching

 Email coaching

1 how to send a first message

2 what kinds of contents to talk about on email message

3 how to send second and following messages

4 how to ask the first date

5 how to prepare for the first date

When you exchange messages with Japanese women, one thing you must be aware Honne and tatemae

Honne tatemae

Honne and tatemae - Wikipedia

Dealing with Honne and Tatemae in Japan |

I will read her real mind(Honne) on her messages and tell you them

  • Here is a sample first message to woman

    Nice to meet you, my name is Daniel. Thank you for matching!
    I'm also from Kanagawa, so I'd be happy if I could talk about various things! The rabbit in the third picture is cute. Do you have one at home?

    Tips on the first message
    Ask a question that she can easiely response. But that doesn't mean you have to ask anything.
    The important point is to refer to her photos

    Talk about women's uploaded photos
    That's what it is very important to do.

Because it is_

her interest thing

her favorite things

Things related to memories such as travel

Since she uploaded the photos in the apps, there is a high possibility that the photo will have something to say about it, and touching on the topic on the first message will dramatically increase in responding to you.

Once the first reply is received, the next is the second and subsequent exchanges and "enjoyment of conversation" will be the key to success.

[Topics that easily talk about with exchanging mail]

• Occupation and job description

• Background
• Values (way of thinking about marriage and work)
• talking about school and classes
• how to spend the holidays
• Hometown stories
• Frequent visiting area

second and subsequent messages

I will tell you once you become a member.

[Daytime date] Recommended place for first date with matching app

Having tea at a cafe or having lunch at a casual restaurant can be a casual date, and the price is reasonable and not a burden.

In addition, restaurants have a wide variety of menus, so they can be adapted to most people's tastes.
It's best to avoid restaurants that specialize in spicy food or 
○○ restaurants on a first date when you don't yet know the other person's tastes.

As for the time, it is best to meet before noon or after noon, and to disperse in the evening. You can also show your sincerity by finishing early.

If you have a movie date in the daytime, you can't talk during the screening, so it's a good plan to discuss your impressions at a cafe after watching.

Reference article
• Lunch is recommended for the first date of the matching app! What is the reason and how to choose a shop?

As for how long you should spend together on your first date, 3 hours is the best.

You may think it's short, but the more you feel "a little unsatisfactory", the more you want to meet again.

"I want to talk more", "Let's ask this next time", etc. The expectation of the next date will increase.
Also, the first date is the first time you've met each other, so if you see each other for too long, you'll get tired of worrying about it.

It's a good idea to wrap up after the date before you say, "It was fun, but I'm tired."

Many people are worried about whether their first date on a matching app will go well.

Preparing for a successful first date is essential.
Here, we will introduce the preparations and checkpoints that you want to check and put on the day before the date.

Whether the date goes well or not depends on the preparation before the date, so let's figure it out.
What to do “before the first date”

  1. Check the other person's favorite foods and hobbies
    2. Reconfirm the other party's profile
    3. Review your messages
    4. Shop reservation and date course check
    5. Exchange LINE
    6. Tell them where to meet
    7. Contact for confirmation

The cost of Email coaching : $90