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Full service package

 Full service package

Customized full package

This is a service for busy person, It includes everthing for your activites in finding and dating a Japanese woman such as filling out the application form, customizing your profile writing, selecting and advising the best photos to upload, online dating coaching, message coaching and dating coaching, plus as a option, finding women, contacting women, sending message and dating arrangement.


fill out application form,

customizing profile,

Photo session

plus 6 months

Onlinedating coaching 

message coaching 

Dating coaching 

plus (option) 3 months

finding women

contacting women

sending message

dating arrangement

You do not have to do anything, you can relax and enjoy your life while I do everything on your activities so that you do not have to waste your precious time for saving your time to do other important things.

I can promise you that your profile and photos are attractive enough to Japanese women and will

serious about dating and want a well-written authentic and intriguing profile? A great dating profile starts conversations, conversations lead to dates, dates lead to relationships. Start dating with a great first im


finding women

you should browse the site and try to find your favorite women at the site. But if you want, I will also try to find women that you prefer based on women we discuss on skype or by mail that you agree to do so.

I will let you know who she is by send a link of her page so that you can see what kind of woman she is.

contacting women

you should contact to women you prefer, but if you want, I can contact her by your request based on the topics we discuss on skype or by mail that you agree to do so.

sending message

you should send women your messages, but if you prefer I can send messages to women in Japanese and also can translate her Japanese message to English.

Japanese women sometimes mention by honne and tatemae, so you should fully understand what is real her mind is.

ask for date

you should ask woman a date, but if you prefer, I can ask woman a date based on discuss on skype or by mail that you agree to do so and arrange date with a Japanese woman you

The cost of full serice package  :  $390