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Full service package

 Full service package

Customized full package

the most rewording service which leads to marriage and long term relationship to Japanese woman

For those who want to marry to Japanese woman, but do not know how to do it, we provide outsource services such as, filling out the application form, customizing your profile writing, selecting and advising the best photos to upload, searching, screening, all translation, online dating coaching, message coaching and dating coaching and others.

We will search your best match from online dating apps based on your preferences.

We handle all translation service for communication with initiating and responding emails.

 We read woman’s mind on her message. ( Japanese women use Honne and Tatemae mind. So it is very difficult to read her mind by foreigners )

Start package

fill out application form,

customizing profile,

Photo session

plus 6 months

Online dating coaching

message coaching

Dating coaching

plus (option) 3 months

customized search

dating arrangement

Fashion advise

I run fashion site for men in Japan so that I can give you the best clothe that Japanese women are most impressed

You do not have to do anything, you can relax and enjoy your life while I do everything on your activities.

The cost of Full service package : $390