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Start package

 Start package

This is a service for the first user for Japanese online dating appa who need set up for Japanese dating app. It includes in filling out of the application form, customizing your profile writing and select, advice the best photos to upload the profile.

After completion of the application form on the Japanese dating app/site, you think you can do by yourself for browsing, searching the profile, contact to women, send messages and ask for a date.

All you need is the initial setup for the Japanese dating app and you can do the rest of works.

Start package

  1. fill out the application form

  1. customize your profile writing

  2. select and advice the best photos to upload the profile.

I can promise you that your profile and photos are attractive enough to Japanese women and will have a lot of chances to contact and meet very nice Japanese women

fill out application form

based on our discussion by Skype or quetionnaires, I will fill out the application form at the Japanese dating app in Japanese.

profile writing (customerized profile)

One of the most important factor that you will get matched and have dates with a Japanese girl is profile writing. I am sure you know it.

So how to create an attractive and appealing profile in Japanese that will appeal to the Japanese girls ?

I have used both Japanese and English online dating sites and also read many pages of profile writing and photo session for both in the Japanese sites and the English sites.

What I found are there are so many differences in the methods and techniques in the profile writing for the Japanese online dating apps and the English online dating apps.

What I like to offer to foreigners who are interested in finding a date, Japanese girlfriend or Japanese marriage partner at the Japanese dating sites are my experiences, techniques, know-hows and scientical and psycological theory which I learned and experienced in both Japanese and English sites and pages.

By using both Japanese and western techniques and know-how, I can create very unique, effective and appealing profile for foreigners in Japanese, which I assure you that you will absolutely attract and apeal many Japanese women on dating, finding a Japanese girlfriend or life partner in your life.

1.Japanese style profile writing with

2.more appealing and catchy words added to your profile writing

3.use scientical and psycological methods

1.Japanese style profile writing

The style of profile writing between Japan and English speaking countries are different.

For example, below is a typical profile writing in English speaking countries.

Hi! My name is Mark, and I am new to online dating. While Im still figuring this all out, heres something I know for sureIm excited to be here! The chance to meet unique, engaging, and interesting women is pretty dang neat. If you think you might fit that mold, drop me a message.

I work in the finance industry. And while I like to work hard, I make sure to leave time to enjoy life. Im a fan of wine, movies, hiking, and getting out of town for the weekend. Lets chat and see if maybe were a good fit!

Profile writing in Japanese however is different and the profile writing for serious relationship purpose and dating or romance purpose are different style in Japan.

So there will be differences in profile writing for 20s dating purpose and for 40s or 50s serious relationship purpose .

Japanese style profile writing for dating or girlfriend online dating.

Greeting. I am Naoki working as an engineer in Tokyo. I just start online dating site to find a girlfriend who will have same hobbies and life style.

My Personalities

My friends told me I am warm, funny and open-minded. I love to talk to anybody friendly and cheerfully.

My Hobbies

I love to watching sports and play tennis near my house on weekend. I also love going to a cafe with friends

What kind of woman I am looking for

Hoping we will share pleasant and cheerful time together. I would be happy if we could visit a nice cafe in Shibuya.

This is a typical profile writing for dating or romance in Japan. I wrote it in English so that English speaker understand what is all about profile writing in Japan.

Accroding to the data, this form gets more responses from women in Japan.

As far as writing online dating profile in Japan, it will be better to use the Japanese style

2.more appealing and catchy words added to your profile writing

Show her that you are living a full life full of purpose and happiness and that it would be great to have someone to share it with.

can be that you’re happy, driven, passionate, or family-orientated.

when I actually write your profile, I will do write differently By adding more appealing, catchy words on the Japanese style profile in Japanese.

In fact there are many appealing and catchy methods available on profile writing and messages and I will give some tips here.

one of them is to refer and applause womans photos.

For example if she wear some nice looking clothing, applause her looks, You look so gorgeous with your pink cardigan.

So refer and applause something on her photos so that she feels that

This her feeling is very important

Other is to use sensewords and bubblewords on the profile writing and messages to woman. This ideas have never, ever used on the profile writing in Japan.

Those words get women to feel and

use bubblewords and sensewords. Basically these are words and phrases that evoke EMOTION in women. They get women to FEEL. And that’s what you have to do to write a good male online dating profile.

So when you’re writing a girl back, don’t say “I enjoy hiking too, we should go together sometime.”

What you want to do is describe how hiking makes you feel and paint a picture of what it’s like when you’re hiking:

I love the rustling of leaves, smell of the air and total sense of freedom I get when I’m out hiking in the mountains.”

See the difference there? You want to describe the experience with as many different senses as you can (in case you forgot they are see, sight, smell, touch and taste). These are words that Fuentes calls “sensewords”

As Japanese profile writing has never understood and used sensewords and bubblewords, I am sure your profile will very

appealing to the Japanese women once I write your profile in Japanese.


Being a foreigner means that you have advantageous as well as disadvantageous points of view in Japan for language, culture, personality, occupation, life style and many others. What I do is to highlight your advantageous points on being a foreigner for the profile writing that will appeal to Japanese women

There are many other ways to use appealing, catchy methods available and I will add them on your profile if you request to make your profile on the Japanese dating apps/sites.

3. use scientical and psycological methods to stand out on the profile and get high rate of response from japanese women

3.use scientical and psycological methods

with this methods, I can create your profile more stand out from the many member and get high rate of response from japanese women

One of them is “ confident “ In English speaking countries, it is often mentioned on “ confident “ on the profile while it never, ever mentioned in the Japanese profile writing.

Confident shows your successes, strengths and accomplishments, which bring women attractive to you.

Any woman whether they are American, Australian, Japanese, women love a man with confident.

Then how can you show your confident ? Show it in the photos uploaded on the profile. It’s more natural and appleling on showing you are confident man. show it on your photo uploaded in the profile. Then how you can show “confident” on your photo ? Ask us. We can show you how you can show “confident” on your photos.

If you write many things on how good you are at the profile, women think you are . Instead show them you are a man who has confident by showing

Women can feel I can give you advice on ho

There are many other scientific and psycological methods for profile writing to the Japanese profile writing which has never mentioned and never use those methods on the Japanese profile writing.

So if I write your profile with those scientific and psycological methods in Japanese, it will absolutely outstanding among other profile and you will.

I have read many articles on profile writing in English and in Japanese up to now. What I found are the profile writing in English countires use more scientific and psycological methods while most of Japanese ones are based on their experiences only, such as I wrote this way and it worked.

Thus I found profile writing in English countries has more theological and logical methods to appeal and bring more , on the other hand, use more scientific and psycological, which make sense

Another tip:

Tell women to send you a message at the end of your profile if she is interested in you.

Tell her to send you a message at the end of your profile

This will bring your profile very unique, outstanding, appealing and to Japanee women

We will have one hour skype or zoom discussion so that I will able to know you and understand better which will reflect to write the best dating profile in Japanese that no one ever created before.

The cost of start package  :  $190