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Dating Coach for foriegn men to Japanese women

 Dating Coach for foriegn men to Japanese women

How long until the first date on the matching app?

How many messages should I send?

How long until the first date on the matching app?

How many messages should I send?

When exchanging messages on a matching app, there comes a time when you think, "I want to go on a date soon, but is it okay if I ask you out?"

In the case of women, there are more matches than men, so if the exchange lasts longer than a month, the desire to meet
 with you will fade away and the possibility of meeting with her will disappear.

Therefore, you can generally think of the exchange period from matching to dating as 2 weeks.

If you've been dating for a week or two, you've gotten to know each other to some extent, so it's time to go on your first date.

It is said that the number of messages sent back and forth is around 10 to 15 for men and around 15 to 20 for women.

ExampleHow to invite someone on a first date on a dating app?

The person you meet on the matching app is in a state where you don't know what suits you.

Therefore, when inviting someone on a first date, it is basic to invite them based on what they are interested

[Daytime date] Recommended place for first date with matching app

Having tea at a cafe or having lunch at a casual restaurant can be a casual date, and the price is reasonable and not a burden.

In addition, restaurants have a wide variety of menus, so they can be adapted to most people's tastes.
It's best to avoid restaurants that specialize in spicy food or
○○ restaurants on a first date when you don't yet know the other person's tastes.

As for the time, it is best to meet before noon or after noon, and to disperse in the evening. You can also show your sincerity by finishing early.

If you have a movie date in the daytime, you can't talk during the screening, so it's a good plan to discuss your impressions at a cafe after watching.

Reference article
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As for how long you should spend together on your first date, 3 hours is the best.

You may think it's short, but the more you feel "a little unsatisfactory", the more you want to meet again.

"I want to talk more", "Let's ask this next time", etc. The expectation of the next date will increase.
Also, the first date is the first time you've met each other, so if you see each other for too long, you'll get tired of worrying about it.

It's a good idea to wrap up after the date before you say, "It was fun, but I'm tired."

Many people are worried about whether their first date on a matching app will go well.

Preparing for a successful first date is essential.
Here, we will introduce the preparations and checkpoints that you want to check and put on the day before the date.

Whether the date goes well or not depends on the preparation before the date, so let's figure it out.
What to do “before the first date”

  1. Check the other person's favorite foods and hobbies
    2. Reconfirm the other party's profile
    3. Review your messages
    4. Shop reservation and date course check
    5. Exchange LINE
    6. Tell them where to meet
    7. Contact for confirmation

What to do after the first date on the matching app

You may feel relieved after the first date on the dating app, but you can make a good impression on the other person by taking action immediately after the date.

If you don't take any action, the other person will be worried that it was boring, so take action immediately after breaking up.

Here are some specific things to do after the first date. The response after the first date will change the impression of the other person and lead to the next one.

What to do “after the first date”
1. Do a thank-you LINE first
2. Be specific about your next date
3. Stay on LINE until the second date

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