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Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs

Subtitle for Mr and Mrs, matchmaking site & app for 20’ young&beauty lady and an elite young person. Yes, this matchmaking site & app, Mr and Mrs has a very selective policy, accepting only young, beautiful ladies for woman and young and rich for man.

Qualifications for membership


age 20~32 years old

employee of companies listed in Tokyo Stock Market, employee of foreign companies

Medical doctor, Dentist, Attorney at Law, Accountant, company owner


age 18~28 years old

college student, employee of companies

In order to be accepted into the full membership, there will be a photo judgement on admission for both man and woman.

In fact there are many young & pretty Japanese ladies and young & nice looking Japanese men among membership, who are looking for serious relationship which leads to marriage.

So if you are truly looking for young & pretty Japanese women or looking for young & successful Japanese men for long term relationship and think you are well qualified on their qualification, just give it try.

You many meet very nice Japanese men or women whom you will usually meet in your daily life.

registration fee


20~25 yeas old 2,000 Yen

26~29 yeas old 3,000 Yen

30~32 yeas old 5,000 Yen

Dating fee (you asked for and she accepted )

20~25 yeas old 1,000 Yen

26~29 yeas old 2,000 Yen

30~32 yeas old 3,000 Yen


registration fee

20~25 yeas old free

26~29 yeas old free

30~32 yeas old 3,000 Yen

Dating fee (you asked for and he accepted )

20~25 yeas old 1,000 Yen

26~29 yeas old 1,000 Yen

30~32 yeas old 1,000 Yen

Girls, if you are 18~25 years old, beauty, student or employee and man asks you for meeting, the total cost is nothing. Yes, it’s totally FREE. What a deal! You registered it, you meet men and man found you, your total cost is nothing. You can find an elite Japanese man for serious relationship for FREE.

Guys, if you are 20~32 years old, works for a company with good income, think of long term relationship, find and meet Japanese girls whom you usually may not encounter on your daily life.

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