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Otacon - Otaku marriage agency

Otacon - Otaku marriage agency

At most marriage agency you must to visit the shop first for counselling before becoming a full member. But suppose you are very busy and have not time to visit there or there is no office of marriage agency near you, you will be stuck.

At Otakon there will be no need to visit the office, instead you can become a member by registering online At Otakon there will be your personal counseller by introducing a matching partner to dating plan to visit.

Main age range at Otakon are between 2030 years old and mostly live in big cities in Japan. There will be personal counsellor for each member so that

So if you love Japanese manga, anime or games and are interested in looking marriage with a Japanese woman who love or understand you as Otaku, Otakon could be best your choice for looking for a Japanese wife.

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