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How to find scammers


The Japanese dating apps or sites have scammers ( Sakura ), Gyosha which pretend individual, but actually organization to rip off money from your pocket, or introduce woman for money exchange with less qualified appearance women).

Unfortunately scammers are everywhere where you try to find a girl and ask for a date, even companies who run dating apps or sites seriously eliminate those scammers.

Signs of Gyosha (scammer)

1. very pretty photos are uploaded just like model on to her profile. Be realistic, who need dating apps when she is such a beautiful lady just like model ?

If she is such a really beautiful lady, she already has a ton of boyfriends and no need to register the app.

2. Send you some level of erotic message, which try to attempt you to lead another links that is their business.

3. She is very aggressive on contacting to you

4. The first message is very long

5. Want to meet you soon without knowing you at all.

6. She ask your contact information on the first or the second message

7.She talks something about money on meeting with her.