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Sun Marieone of the largest matchmaking agency in Japan, has offices across Japan with 38 years of matchmaking business with a very high respectable reputation among many Japanese men and women.

What Sun Marie emphasize on is the quality of matchmaking services. There are three introduction methods for client to meet your ideal partner.

1. Client browses more than 60,000 member in database and find your ideal partner.

Arranging of the first meeting for dating, location, a partner intention will be taken care by a staff.

2. Introduction will be made by computer based on your qualification and conditions.

Also once you find a partner to have the first meeting for dating, a staff will take care of partner intention, date and location of the first meeting.

3. A experienced staff will introduced a partner based on interviewing other clients. Staff have interviewed many other clients and know details of each client, client’ personality, future plan, family background, career and many others. Thus staff could introduce a client the best matching partner, that do not show on computer matching database.

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