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You can date today or even in a couple hours with a girl.


You can date today or even in a couple hours with a girl. 

You have a free time and you want to meet a girl in now in Tokyo or you want to have a date today. No problem. Luckily there are some dating sites that provide the section of “ want to meet today or want to meet now “

Thus if you do not have a time to spending message exchanges with girls, here are dating apps(sites) that work for you.

No message exchanges, but rather deciding the date and the location of dating

Here we pick up 3 dating apps that work for dating today or dating now.





The concept of Dine is “make one date rather than a hundred of message exchanges

The system of Dine is easy. You set up a date at a restaurant which is chosen by Dine and if girl shows interest in your dating plan with that restaurant and will send you a request for dating. Once you approve it, it all set up. No need to make a reservation for that restaurant. The dating will be automatically set up.

There are many restraurant chosen by Dine and you select the one you want to have a date.

Also Dine has a function of “ Dine tonight “ which you can search girls who want to have a date today.

If she agrees, the schedules for dating at the restaurant will be arranged including lunch or dinner and dating date 


One of popular dating app (site) Tapple the second largest membership for dating app in Japan, has a function of “ Odekake Kinou (going out for date)

This Odekake Kinou (going out for date) is set up by girl ( by girl only ) , a dating plan which includes the location and the schedule for the date. If you like to have a date with this girl, you send her request for the dating. Once she approves, the date is set up.

There is a dating plan that includes “ date today or date now” in the Odekake Kinou (going out for date) thus you can meet a girl today with Tappke

Odekake Kinou (going out for date)

Girl message on Odekake Kinou (going out for date)

I am in Shinjuku now and I am look for someone with for a lunch

Girl message :

I am with a girlfriend and looking for someone with from now on


By crossing over GPS equipped by crossme, you can find girls near by with GPS. There is a function of “ Date today

Date today

Girl Message :

I am looking for a guy who could meet me at 20:00pm

Several men reply to the girl on date today message

asking for a date