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How to find a Japanese man for get married

 For foreign women, how to find a Japanese man for getting married or seeking romance?

Hello ladies

Suppose if you are in Japan currently for studying, working or if you live in abroad and are interested in the Japanese culture such as Anime or lifestyle, and you think it’s not so bad to live in Japan, finding a spouse is very important for you life in Japan.

Why not think about seeking serious relationship with a Japanese man ?

There are lots of good Japanese man for your lifestyle partner.

Here we examined many Japanese matchmaking services including matchmaking sites/dating apps, online marriage agencies and premier matchmaking/marriage agencies in Japan for helping to figure out which Japanese matchmaking or marriage services are suitable for foreigners.

Matchmaking sites for serious relationship





Pairs Engage

Zexy Enmusubi

Run by Recruit company, which is a large recruiting company in Japan, Zexy is well known and well reputed matchmaking agent that serves serious long term relationship leading to marriage.

The majority of member are 20’ and 30’ for both men and women and they seek marriage partner for their lives.

So if you look for serious relationship to Japanese men or women, Zexy Enmusubi could be one of the best

Registered member for foreigner are more than 1900


Intended to matching between single mom/dad. Member are very serious for finding their partners for marriage. Good for those who like to meet a counter partner after knowing each other by exchange message.


It claims that more than 60% of member get married after 3 months activities on this site


Run by one of the largest marriage agency in Japan, member are very serious about finding their lifetime partner. 85% of member wish to get married within one year. More than 50% of member are at 30s for both men and women.

Pairs Engage

Online marriage agency that offers low costs and introduces 10 member per month for matchmaking. You can also browse the member profile and can ask for contacting.

Premier matchmaking, party, marriage agency

Premier matchmaking site

Tokyo calendar date

The premium dating site for dating and romance. The majority of men’s member are of big cooperate business elite, company owner, medical doctors and so on.

Premier matchmaking party

Premium status party

The main member are big cooperate business elites, attorney at law , certified public accountant and the parties are held mainly at Tokyo and Osaka areas.


Lots of business elites, government employees and so on come to matchmaking party for seeking lifetime partner.

Premier marriage agencies


Run by a former medical doctor, more than a half of men’s member at Seishin are medical doctors. If you are interested in getting married to a medical doctor in Japan, this is a good choice for your lifestyle partner.


Almost all of men’s member are from cooperate owner, medical doctor, certified public accountant, attorney at law and business elite with high success rate for matchmaking

Sincerite Aoyama

Specialized in premium marriage agency that introduce medical doctor, attorney at law, cooperate owner, government officer and so on.

Ladies, as you can see, there are many types of approach that you can take to find a Japanese man as your best lifetime partner in Japan.

If you are interested in, please contact to me to discuss for further details. I am serious and willing to help you out to find your happy life in Japan.