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Bridal Net

Bridal Net

For those who want to find a marriage partner in Japan with secure, saving time and least budget, Bridal net is one of the best choice for online matchmaking site.

Run by one of the largest matchmaking companyin Japan,IJB who has been doing matchmaking services more than 50 years offers very personal service for finding your marriage partner for online as well as offices all over Japan.

The name of IJB and Bridal net are well known among young people and they are well reputed as serious and trustful matchmaking service company.

As a result,
people who register Bridal net and offline matchmaking service at office are very serious for finding a marriage partner, not just looking for a date or casual relationship, but it’s rather
long term serious relationship which leads to marriage.

In fact more than 70% of registered member at Bridal net upload their photo on the profile which indicates how serious the member are for their activities on finding a marriage partner. You can also find your ideal partner very easy with profile with attached photos.

Let’s face it. Are you interested in a profile without any photos when you look for a girl ?

Currently the registered member are over 350,000 and more than 15,000 new registered member for each month.

So when you look for a marriage partner, Bridal net is a must list. You will not waste your time and money for nothing as far as Bridal net is concerned.

The features of Bridal Net

1. 3 ways that you can find girls.

1. browsing
2. reading diary
3. through veries of community

Diary, for example, you read diary and will be able to find her real character or personality through diary, which you will never able to find through only profile.

2. There is an advisory service available on Bridal net when you need it. You can talk and consult anything on relation,

Bridal net is good for you if

1. you want to get married to a Japanese girl as soon as possibl

The majority of registered member at Bridal net are those who want to find a marriage partner and want to get married seriously.

2. you look for a serious relationship

The member at Bridal net are seeking a serious relationship that will lead to marriage, not seeking a dating nor casual relationship.

3. you want to get married, but do not want to spend lots of money.

In Japan, if you want to get married seriously and in hurry, the most possible service is marriage agency or matchmaking agency that provide a customer personal service and care for finding a marriage partner, but it will cost $3,000 or more annually.

So those who can not afford services of those marriage agency or matchmaking agency, Bridal net is one althorotive

4. you are the mid 30’ to the early 40’and seek a marriage partner

Lots of dating sites or matchmaking sites are for 20’ or the early 30’ and those who are the mid 30’ to the early 40’are disadvantaged against the younger 20’to find a marriage partner.

At Bridal net there are many registered member who are for the mid 30’ to the early 40’and is easy to find

number of the current member

men 138,979 women 174,295

More women than men

Age range

under 25
men women
7.8% 9.9%

25^29 %
men women
17.3% 29.5%

30^34 23 %
men women
27.7% 31.8%

35^39 23 %
men women
21.3% 16.4%

40^44 29 %
men women
14.3% 7.8%

45^49 29 %
men women
7.3% 3.1

50^59 29 %
men women
3.8% 1.3%

The majority of men are from 30~40’ and women 20~early 30’

member fee

3980 Yen for 1 month
9480 Yen for 3 months
14850 Yen for 6 months
23400 Yen for 12 months

How to register Bridal Net