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Japan dating, matchmaking and marriage service guide

Japanese dating, matchmaking and marriage services for foreigner 

Are you really interested in a serious relationship with a Japanese girl or man that will lead to marriage?

My suggestion is, just do the same way most Japanese do. What Japanese do for finding a really good love one ?

1. Try find love one at matchmaking apps or matchmaking sites.

2. Go find love one at matchmaking ( Singles )parties.

3. Register at marriage agency locating near you.

These are the 3 most popular ways that most Japanese do when they try to find love one.

Here what we try to do is to help a foreign man or woman match leading to marriage to a Japanese woman or man.

I have more than 17 years experiences in international marriage service in Tokyo, servicing foreign men, mainly Western men to Japanese women, Western women to Japanese men and Russian women to Japanese men.

Educated and lived in US for 6 years in Minnesota and Louisiana, taking many business trips to across US, lived in San Jose, Costa Rica for 6 months and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for 1year and visiting many other countries, I am a very open minded person and love to serve very friendly services to foreigners who are interested in seeking a long term serious relationship to a Japanese woman or man.

As far as the ways to get married to a Japanese woman or man, there are mainly 3 approaches to start with.

Please keep in mind that Japanese do not take dating sites as a way to meet a partner for life or seek relationship. Rather people in Japan see dating site as look for fun or seek SEFURE ( sex friend ) for dating sites.

So if you seek a long term relationship and like to get married to a Japanese or look for a real nice Japanese friend, take matchmaking or marriage service instead of dating sites.

1. Japanese matchmaking apps or sites

This is the most easy, efficient, cost saving approach to meet a Japanese girl/man.

In fact lots of men and women, who are particularly young 20’ or 30’, are very active on matchmaking apps or sites to look for serious relationship or meeting a new friend on those apps or sites.

Advantage of Japanese matchmaking apps or sites are you can meet your partner at any places and any time.

Number of women or men whom you can meet are numerous if you have good qualifications.

So in general matchmaking apps or sites are good for those who are busy and have a ability of communicating others with enjoyable and fun.

2. Japanese matchmaking party

A party time! Go and find new people for new romance and new relationship.

A quick and easy way to meet Japanese women and men is probably matchmaking party which are held across Japan, big city like Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka, but also medium cities on every day.

Matchmaking party are especially good for those who are very busy and love to communicate with others for fun and enjoyment.

On matchmaking party in Japan there are many categorized party, age, income, career, location, hobby and others to choose from for your qualifications and preference. You will have many chances to meet lot of interesting Japanese women and men.

All you have to do is to choose and register a party that you like to attend. On matchmaking party, there are ways to meet and talk to Japanese women and men.

If both are interested, you can meet them in private.

Unlike matchmaking apps or sites which need a time until the both actually will be able to meet, matchmaking party on the other hand can set you up to meet persons so easy and so fast.

3. marriage agency

If you seek to get married to Japanese women or men so serious and so fast, marriage agency will be probably the best choice. Why ? It’s because a counsellor at marriage agency will help you find your life partner and lots of advises and arrangement for meeting.

Matchmaking sites and matchmaking parties do not provide any personal advises and assistance for customers unfortunately. Marriage agency, on the other hand, provides lots of personal advises and introduce your partner by personal arrangement done by a counsellor.

One disadvantage for marriage agency is the cost. As marriage agency provides a service for personal services to the member, the cost is higher than matchmaking sites and matchmaking parties, but lots of personal care and assistance.

In general the the member of marriage agency is higher at their age compared to the matchmaking apps or sites.

Also you must to visit an office of the marriage agency to talk to counsellor initially, in order to register the marriage agency.

If you like to get married to a Japanese woman or man with fast, and with a help and lots of advises from the counsellor, marriage agency will be the best choice.

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