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Mu connect - Manga, Anime fan marriage agency

Mu connect - Manga, Anime fan marriage agency

Myu connection, specialized in Otaku marriage agency, can introduce your otaku partner for your preferences.

If you think you are Otaku and are seriously looking for an Otaku partner, Myu connection is very recommendable for your choice. In fact the marriage rate on Myu connection is relatively high, making quite number of member get married in one year compared to other marriage agency.

In fact Myu connection, the pioneer of Otaku marriage agency in Japan, has good reputation among Otaku. Some Otaku, who feel isolated from others or the society as being Otaku, can freely feel comfortable and somewhat secure of being Otaku.

At Myu connection there will be 2 counsellors ( a pair of man and woman ) who can give you advise from both man side and woman side so that you can get from the counsellor of both Japanese woman and Japanese man. Your personal counseller also arrange matching with a girl who are based on your character, hobby or preferences.

Your personal counseller also give you advice on how to dress, consulting before matching, after matching, arranging dating, and how to make dating lead to marriage.

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