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Club excellence

Club excellence

Emphasizing on more casual matchmaking, rather than formal matchmaking, Club excellence gives relaxing face to face private arranged matchmaking service

No monthly fee required, pay only matchmaking fee

A matching partner will be introduced within 2 weeks after becoming a full member.

Private arranged matchmaking will be taken place at a fashionable cafe or restaurant

After following service available for those who want to meet the same partner again

Pay only the membership fee and matchmaking fee, no further

Club excellence Fee

Membership fee 5,400 Yen

Arranging fee

Up to 29 years old 30~35 years old Over 36 years old

Woman free 3,240 Yen 5,400 Yen

Man 8,640 Yen 10,800 Yen 10,800 Yen

No monthly fixed fee

How to become a membership

1. fill out the membership application along with a photo and a copy of passport

2. within 2~3 days, a confirmation mail will be sent to the applicant.

3. pay the membership fee in 5 days

4. the membership mail will be sent to the applicant

Arranging matchmaking

Experienced staff at Club excellence will examine your application and will introduce a partner who is matched to your qualification.

Member also can browse a partner through the membership page and can request for matchmaking.

If both member agree to meet, staff will arrange the meeting, the date and the location, and will be informed to both parties.

For the first meeting, try to entertain the partner and enjoy the meeting.

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