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A concept of more casual and more relaxing for matchmaking party, Rooters holds more than 10,000 matchmaking parties annually with more than 200,000 party attendants.

The categories of matchmaking party at Rooters ranges from single attendant, 30’ years old, 40’ years old, high income men only matchmaking parties, same hobbies matchmaking party and many others for the parties which bring more party attendants for Rooters

At Rooters you will have a supporting staff to take care of your party attending and let the attendant to enjoy the Singles (matchmaking) party.

Unlike other matchmaking parties which have dress code to attend the party, Rooters has a policy of casual dress for the party which gives more relaxing and more casual for the parties.

Party fee for Men 5,900 Yen and Women 2500 Yen including drinks and meals, which is very reasonable prices

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