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Oriented to more mature people to meet a life partner under friendly and relaxing matchmaking party, Otocon holds many Singles parties mainly small attendants, usually less than 10 attendants, some are by a private room for small parties or 1 to 1 matching, creating more relaxing and comfortable environment for the parties even for the new attendant.

In fact the attendant will be seated by side by side style, not face to face, which gives the party attendant more relaxing and more comfortable environment for the party, result in more matching and more new couple at Otocon matchmaking(Singles) parties.

Focused on more conversation at the party among the attendants, the attendant at Otocon will have enough time to understand the personality of the counterpart.

Otocon is one of the largest matchmaking party in Japan, held in every day throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu,

The party attendants are from 20’ to 50’, but mainly at 30’ or 40’, bringing more serious party attendants at Otocon resulting in more couple for serious relationship, which will lead marriage eventually.

Otocon offers many different categories of matchmaking parties for all 47 prefectures in Japan, so if you are very interested in finding a Japanese girl for long term relationship, just give it try to meet a beautiful Japanese girl.

The party fees are 2,000~5,000 Yen for man and 1,000~3,000 Yen for woman.

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