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Chane Claire

Chane Claire

Chane Claire, One of the oldest and very popular matchmaking party, which has more than 15 years in business of matchmaking in Japan, usually hold relatively large matchmaking parties, which give more opportunities to meet a lot of people for attendants.

In fact the success rate of matching is 47%, which is quite high comparing to other matchmaking parties, and the monthly party attendants are 57,000 on average.

There are many unique matchmaking parties including

sports fan party,

private room party,

cooking party,

bus touring party,

high income men only party,

small member party

and many more emphasizing on more meeting and activities among attendants to encounter an ideal partner.

By setting the lower cost for women attendants particularly, there will be more young women attendants, mainly at 20’ years old, which could bring more opportunities for 30’ and 40’ men to meet those relatively young Japanese girls to meet at the parties.

The party fee is 3,000~7,000 Yen for man and 500~2500 for woman. The matchmaking parties at Chane Claire are held every night across Japan, Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and many small cities which give more opportunities to meet new people for any cities in Japan.

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