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White key

White key

Whitekey, one of the oldest and largest Sinlges Matchmaking party in Japan, offering more than 12 years matchmaking party services, has been very popular matchmaking party organization among many Japanese young people who are interested in finding their marriage partner.

Matchmaking parties at Whitekey are held across Japan, from big city like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka to small many cities throughout Japan with more than 400,000 attendants annually.

Bringing more than 45% success rate for coupling at the party, Whitekey presents proudly many different type of matchmaking parties, including high income men at 20’ and 30’, high status men only matchmaking party, 1 to 1 matchmaking party, private room style matchmaking party, single mom or remarriage matchmaking party, 40’ years only matchmaking party, and many others.

The prices are relatively reasonable for Whitekey, 4,500 ~ 5,500 Yen for man and 1,000 ~ 2,000 Yen for woman, so if you are very interested in finding a Japanese girl for serious relationship, just give it try at Whitekey

Types of party

there are 3 type of matching party, daytime weekend party, weekend night party, daytime weekday party

sample of matching party

Men 25~39 years old women 22~37 years old

8000 Yen for men 2500 Yen for women

weekday at night matchimaking party

7800 Yen for men 2700 Yen for women

White Key matchmaking party

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