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The secret of popular men at Japanese dating apps

The secret of popular men at Japanese dating apps

This is an article written by a beautiful Japanese woman who has experienced in Japanese dating site and found out the secret of popular men who have many “ like “ from Japanese women on the dating sites.

I am sure it will be very useful and beneficial on your activities for Japanese dating sites.  

I matched with a popular man on a matching app and revealed his secret!

Men who have registered on dating apps in search of dating, but are having a hard time getting likes! ! Leave it to me.

Taking advantage of the popular male occupation of ``cabin attendant'', i will match with the top 10 men on each app, talk to them, and find out what kind of men they are and why they are getting so many likes.  !

I will introduce how you can increase the number of likes using actual message images exchanged by Misaki and the profile of an actual man as examples.

What kind of man do women want to click the like button on?

First, let's look at it from a woman's perspective and think about what kind of men would want to like. These four points are important as a foundation.

  • Are you intrigued?

  • Would you like to talk?

  • Can women imagine that man?

  • Would woman like to meet him?

That's true, you may think you know that much, but please carefully consider what these things mean to women, compare them with popular members, and check your profile again.

If a man finds a pretty woman, he may be intrigued and want to meet her right away (lol), but a woman, no matter how high his annual income is and how good-looking he is, cannot imagine what it would be like to meet him (in other words, if his profile is simple). My anxiety overwhelms me and I don't want to meet him again.

You have to make women feel at ease with your profile!

Let's take a look at some examples to see what kind of profile you should have!

Main photo is smiling & green

This is exactly the example you have to use. Against the refreshing background of the green trees and blue sky, he is all smiles wearing refreshingly colored clothes.

No selfies

At least 3 photos

Attach 3 photos at least, preferably one that shows your general atmosphere, or photos of your travels or hobbies.

Many of popular members upload as many photos as they can!

I don't think I want to meet someone who has only posted one photo! It may be a ``miraculous photo'', but with too little information obtained from the photo, the woman cannot imagine what it would be like to meet him, and the woman cannot feel at ease.

This is especially difficult if man only have one close-up photo of his face. Women will never met men, no matter he is a good-looking man who was a surgeon and had a good annual income!

This popular man from Pairs has posted a whopping 35 sub photos! !

It's easy to get an idea of ​​what a person is like by looking at photos of them playing sports, smiling while frolicking in the sea, or having fun with friends! !

How to write a profile

Next is how to write your profile.  Fill out all the configurable items. If you skip even one, women'll wonder if it means something.

If the profile is inappropriate, women will feel unmotivated or scared. Don't feel embarrassed about using a matching app, just make sure to clearly convey your enthusiasm for meeting someone.

What kind of men have the most likes?

1. Annual income

men with higher annual incomes have an advantage.  However, there are some popular members who get more than 500 likes even if his income is less than 5 million yen, so annual income is not everything.

2. Looking

Super handsome: 4 people

Handsome guys: 7 people

Normal: 13 people

Others: 6 people

Surprisingly, more than half of the respondents were others. Being popular on a matching app has nothing to do with your face! The ability to successfully self-produce is required .

3. Profile

All of the popular members had well-filled profile sections, so women could understand their personalities and want to talk to them .

It is important whether it is easy to read, easy to understand, and leaves a lasting impression.

[Good example: ] 

nice to meet you! 

I work as an engineer in Tokyo.

I started it because I don't have many encounters. I'm looking for someone to have a serious relationship with.

On my days off, I like to go out drinking with friends and drive, so I often go out by myself. 

I hope I can meet someone who is fun to be with! Please feel free to talk.

Items that women look at in self-introductions

  • what kind of woman are you looking for

  • What kind of relationship do you want to have?

  • Daily life (hobbies, work, how you usually spend your time)

Insert keywords that are impressive to women

 These are keywords that have a high probability of being of interest to women ."

for example,

The name of a celebrity that is often mentioned
Travel → country name, place name, name of place
Movies → Name of famous movie that women are likely to watch
Gourmet → Name of cooking
Work → Management, independence, doctor, lawyer
Where you live → Minato Ward, Yokohama, etc.