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Happy ComeCome

Happy ComeCome

More than 19 years experiences in marriage business in Japan, Happycomecome provides matchmaking services for those who are at higher status marriage agency

Claiming itself as providing the upper class services, Happycomecome

Has an office in Ebisu, Tokyo where the neighborhood environment is rich and prestigious

The success rate of marriage at Happycomecome in year of 2018 will be 53.3%, which is very high marriage rate compared to other marriage agencies, thanks to experienced matchmaking counselors who support from finding client’s ideal partner to arrange matchmaking, advising how to communicate, how to dating, how to dress up and many others.

These highly professional counselling helps higher marriage rate, 53.3%,

If you become a member at Happycomecome, you can find your ideal partner among more than 50,000 member who are also looking for a life partner seriously. The most of member are at 20’, 30’ or 40’

Free counselling will be available for those who are interested in getting married to Japanese and knowing about Happycomecome furrther.

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