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                                 Exeo Ginza  


                             Kimono party

One of the most popular matchmaking party in Japan, all 47 prefectures for party locations, Exeo holds matchmaking parties every day, More than 460,000 party attendants last year,

The most party place held within 10 minutes close to the station, it is very convenient to attend the party and the matching success rate is quite high, more than 40% success rate which could lead to serious relationship to marriage.

There are variety of matchmaking parties held depending on attendant categories

For example

20’ and 30’years old only matchmaking party

chubby girls only matchmaking party

high income men only matchmaking party

40’ and 50’years old only matchmaking party

Manga or Anime fan, Otaku only matchmaking party

Cooking matchmaking party

Sports fan matchmaking party

Private room matchmaking party

and many others.

                             How it works

Party fee

500 Yen ~ woman member

3,000 ~ 5,000 Yen man member

Exeo matchmaking party

Go get party night with Exeo, by meeting a girl you are looking for.

With a Exeo party, your chance to meet a beautiful Japanese girl are very simple and easy. Don’t spend weeks or months to meet girls, just go the party and meet a lot of pretty girls that you can not meet them on your daily life.

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