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Tips on your dating and matchmaking activities

Advises on your dating and matchmaking

In order to enhance your possibility of dating or matching activities successful on Japanese dating app or sites, here are my tips.

1. meet as many as Japanese girls/guys possible

Some people think too much and act too little. You will never know whether she/he is good or not, whether chemistry you and her/him is good or not, unless you actually meet her/him and talk to her/him.

I sometime meet people who spend too much time on thinking and not acting. Loving comes from your heart, not from your brain. So it might as well start acting on your dating, not too much thinking.

Frankly speaking the photos on the profile on dating sites or matchmaking sites are often different from actually look. Also if your conversation with her/him becomes interesting, you may not care too much about what are written on her/his profiles.

Chemistry you and her/him will never be known unless you actually meet her/him.

So do not spend too much time on thinking, just try to meet her/him if you are somewhat interested in.

2. Do not picky.

I have experienced in encountering some clients are so picky. They comment lots of negative points on her/him, rather than looking at positive points on her/him.

For example, I do not like her face, she looks like greedy, her comment on the profile sounds like very bossy and I do not like it, and many others.

Nobody is perfect!

Just try to find good part of her/him and do not judge only by photos and the comments on the profile because many true things will not be shown in the profile, shown only by actual meeting and actual communication.

3. Matchmaking is not goods or services that you get when you pay for.

Usually when you pay money for any services or goods, you will get what you really want. But for matchmaking it is not goods, nor services, it is actually human being that you have to deal with.

Human being has preference, human
being has thinking. So you will never buy her/his mind with your money. Your personality, your attitude, your looks and your intellectual behavior are matter.

4. Appreciating diversity

Some people emphasize too much on the differences in culture, life style, marriage life and others for international marriage.

Surely enough, there are many differences. But does it really matter when you really love someone who is different from you culturally. As far as my experiences in international marriage is concerned, it does not matter much.

Rather I found many interesting things on the differences in culture, food, life style and others.

Rather than pointing out the differences, let appreciate the difference.

It really works.