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Profile makeover

 Profile makeover

One of the most important factor that you will get matched and have a date with a Japanese girl is profile writing. I am sure you know it.

So how to create an attractive and appealing profile in Japanese. ( or you may create a profile in English, but There are so many different in language, manner, expression, approach and so on, so without knowing the differences, without knowing the Japanese style of online dating, your profile is not stand out and is not appealing to the Japanese girls.

Do you have enough knowledge of

Japanese language
Japanese culture
Japanese mentality
Japanese style for writing and the process

For those who created English


1.For those who have created your profile in English at any Japanese dating apps/sites and have not received any promising responses from Japanese women, I would suggest you to create your profile in Japanese.

Why ? Imagine how many percents of Japanese understand English. Less than 10%, according to the survey. So if you write a profile in English, only one out of ten will show interested in your profile. In other word, you miss the rest of 90% of potential match due to the English written profile.

For example, at Pairs, the largest Japanese dating site, there is a community for foreign member and some Japanese women join that community.

My suggestion is, join the community for foreign member. You can find Japanese women who are interested in foreign men/women. But join other communities as well. There are 140,000 communities at Pairs, and you should join other communities based on your hobbies, preferences, interests and others.

If you create a profile in English, those women who registered other communities do not understand who you

For those who created Japanese profile

For those who have created a Japanese profile at the dating apps/sites and have not received any promising responses from Japanese women, check your Japanese language.

Some of visitors this site may speak or write Japanese and think you know Japanese language. But I like to ask you that your knowledge of Japanese are good enough to appeal Japanese women ?

You may think that well, I am a foreigner and what do you expect ? Speaking and writing of some Japanese are good enough


The form and content of profile writing shows who you are, what kind of man you are, your personality, your educational level, your prospective and many others.

Women who has a certain level of education do not show any interest in poor Japanese written profile, even you are foreigner.

In fact profile writing is everything to show who you are and it must be fluent and perfect by using Japanese keigo.

After knowing each other, language does not matter, but at the beginning, the profile writing must be perfect, persuacive and appealing, no mistakes whatever because there are thousand men out there to switch to your competitor.

We edit and make your existing dating profile perfect

We review your existing online dating profile and correct, suggest for how to become more appealing, outstanding and popular to Japanese women

Japanese style profile writing
more appealing and catchy words added
extra works added, which are popular in English speaking countries

Our basic package

This package is for those who already have a dating profile but are not seeing any results.

This package includes:

Profile Review

We’ll provide a full-blown critique of your current profile.

The cost of profile makeover : $90