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Speed dating apps in Japan

Dating apps that you can date today or tonight

You have a free time and you want to meet a girl in now in Tokyo or you want to have a date today. No problem. Luckily there are some dating sites that provide the section of “ want to meet today or want to meet now “

Thus if you do not have a time to spending message exchanges with girls, here are dating apps(sites) that work for dating a girl now or today for you.

No message exchanges needed, but rather deciding the date and the location of dating spot at first.

No services for those who seek physical relationships with these apps.
If you do, you will be expeled from the membership.


The concept of Dine is “make one date rather than a hundred of message exchanges

The system of Dine is easy. You set up a date at a restaurant which is chosen by Dine and if girl shows interest in your dating plan with that restaurant and will send you a request for dating.

Once you approve it, it all set up. No need to make a reservation for that restaurant. The dating and the reservation for that restaurant will be automatically set up.

If she agrees, the schedules for dating at the restaurant will be arranged by Dine including lunch or dinner and dating date 

Bachelor date

Based on the concept of "the best encounter with the fastest", you can meet a women today or tonight with Bachelor date

It also guarantees "once a week date".

42% of men have an annual income of 10 million yen or more, and it is a screening-based app recommended for high-spec men and women.

The occupations for those who passed Bachelor date for men

Manager + Manager (34%)
Doctor + Lawyer (12%)
Trading Company + Finance + Consulting (35%)

Womens age range

18~23 years old 16.5%

25~29 years old 42%

30~34 years old 27%

AI will automatically match you, so even those who can't find a woman by themselves, AI will find you a destined encounter and a date for dating.

Safety and security

Photos and real names will not be disclosed.
Nobody will find your activities in Bathalor date!

Screen test (two-stage tests)

registration ID.(Identity verification: driver's license, passport, etc.)
Your income will be evaluated on your passing the membership.

After the date, all participants evaluate the date partner.
Member with problems will be suspended on the membership.[I


1. light plan 9,800/month

4 women per month average appearance

2. basic plan 19,800/month
4 women per month better appearance

3. Premium plan 29,800/month
4 women per month premium appearance